Sunday, November 21, 2004

Australian Idol

Not watched it but you can't help being aware of it and know who the finalists are.

I did at some point catch Casey Donovan singing and she certainly had a good strong voice. In tune too. And you must certainly agree that big girls can look good.

Anthony Calea is vaguely cute and I suppose he can sing ok. But for all you lusting gays, remember what happens to cute young Italian boys by the time they are thirty (sorry about the racial stereotyping).

They both seem like nice people and Anthony can put on a nice natural smile, while Casey is not a natural smiler.

I hoped Casey would win and she did. Not heard what that sang for the final yet, but it sure was a lavish event at the Sydney Opera House

She was very tearful in victory and he generous and charming in losing. Well done kiddies. Now go and make lots of money from it. Think you've earnt it.

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