Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yours, no, it's mine

A man came and said I want some land. The owner said, no, it is mine. The man said, well, it used to be mine, I will go to the wise ones and ask. He asked the wise ones and was given some of the land as he had no where else to live. The owner accepted this grudgingly and boundaries were drawn.

But then the new owner let his people spread into the what was left of the previous owners land. This caused much botheration, fighting and unhappiness.

But now the wise ones weren't the only wise ones and the wiser ones from all over the world said, stop, desist, but the newcomer would not listen and he still had the favour of wise ones.

The man started doing some horrible things to the new people, remember the new people were the original people, so the newcomer started to build a wall. But the wall went into part of the man's land and he was even unhappier. He continued to do terrible things for which he earnt a reputation for doing in other places in the world that he lives.

The wise ones from the world said don't put the wall into the man's land. But the newcomer would not listen and the wise ones just laughed.

Now everyone is unhappy and no one knows what to do about the newcomers and the man and it has stirred trouble in other peoples lands too.

Lest this is a bit oblique, here is a hint. What a laugh we used to have at the name Arrafat. I can't remember if it was at school, or later in life with friends, but the name Yassar Crack A Fat used to have us in hoots of laughter.

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