Friday, October 01, 2004

Shopping Jeep and Politics

After the fourth outing with the shopping jeep, I am starting to master it. Who could imagine such a simple thing requires quite a bit of thought and practice to use. I have a new respect for old ladies who use them all the time.

You also become very aware of what it must be like in a wheelchair.......gutters, bumps, debris on the ground, footpaths narrowed by shop displays and tables and chairs. One wheel locked up as I was walking through Fawkner Park, courtesy a fallen Moreton Bay Fig. By the time I reached the park from Chapel St, I was feeling quite hot, but then as I stepped into the park, the temperature dropped by maybe four degrees under the trees. Very pleasant indeed.

Unrelated (although I think all pollies should have a go at using a shopping jeep) I was disgusted by the perfomance of the Mad Monk, aka Tony Abbott, on Lateline last night (about 2/3rds through the transcript). What a bloody liar. He reminded me of a school kid caught in a lie and squirming. An older friend has sexual fantasies about him and imagines him in leather and tied up. He certainly deserves a severe spanking for telling whoppers. I believe his religion approves of self flagellation as punishment. Score, Tony Jones 1, Tony Abbott 0.


  1. paralysed.
    I searched for 'shopping jeep' and landed here.
    and what a reward.
    Because he would hate the idea of it, I would so love TA to know he is an object of leather bondage fantasy. I think I could enjoy that too, I would tighten everything on him and get a thrill from his discomfort.
    Old lady needing shopping jeep.

  2. They are very useful Emstacks. Hard to believe we have suffered The Abbott for so long.