Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Quick trip to the shops

Although I drive and have a car, if going to the local shops, Prahran, I prefer to take the tram or bus. A couple of days ago I boarded the bus and there was only one passenger, acting oddly and confronting the driver. Passenger said to driver that he would kill him. Driver said get off the bus. Passenger got off the bus.

If you are doing an office job, this sort of situation is probably not something you ever have to deal with. But do spare a thought for those people who do. Cops, nurses, of course public transport workers, taxi drivers, even supermarket workers. I was in Safeway in Balaclava once when because of difficult customers, it went into 'lock down'. The very smarmy gay guy working there was being very humble when confronted by scum.

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