Thursday, October 14, 2004

Problem for older people

Well the real problem for older people is that you never actually feel older. You certainly don't have more confidence in your beliefs, you don't feel you are wiser, although you do feel very experienced.

I see a narrow strip of raised concrete, or a wall, and I want to walk along it. I see a fence in my way, I want to leap over it (I don't coz I may do myself an injury).

But having said all that nonsense, I was walking along a bluestone cobbled lane near work and coming toward me was an older fellow employee of Greek extraction, perhaps 55 years old.

The lane had a middle spoon drain and it was raining and water was running down the drain. I saw him several metres away and I stepped to the opposite side of the drain. But he did the same at the same time. We are on a collision path. I stepped across again, as did he.

Then like a schoolgirl, he skipped from side to the other several times. It was like he was back as a ten year old.

I could only laugh and said as he passed, you can't take the young person out of some people.

It was a very nice moment.

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  1. That's a lovely experience. It's nice when you have these little moments with complete strangers. I bet you were smiling for a good while after that.


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