Thursday, October 28, 2004


When we moved into this high rise building, we foolishly imagined that we would never see any critters this high. No flies, mozzies, ants, moths, little insects that fill your light shades, spiders and birds. The birds love checking the balcony for spiders. Anyway, wrong again. We have had the lot.

But at the moment it is moths. I did hear something about a Melbourne invasion by Bogong Moths, should that be bogan moths? I am not sure what sort of moth they are but boy are there a lot of them. I brought a plant in from the balcony to water it, and once inside, out flew five of them. Being the kind person I am, I captured them using a glass and a promotional card from the nightclub seven and released them.

My kindness does not run to flies though. I am responsible for the death of some spiders unfortunately. I thought surface spray around the balcony would just deter spiders from spinning their webs on our balcony and they would move on to someone elses. But the spray killed several spiders and I felt bad and now I just keep the spiders who want to live here busy spinning new webs as I get rid of their old ones.

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