Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Funny sorta day

Being a retentive type person, I had my day off planned down to the letter. But the best laid plans of mice and men............

Friends with computer distress. I am no great expert, but I do know a wee bit about pcs and they were obviously in need of help and given they are using our old computer and the tech support person told them that it was inadequate for the task, that is email and web browsing, I felt very obliged to help. To quote our esteemed Johnny, Hello Hello. It worked ok for dial up internet and later cable for us, OK!!! Hello Hello!

It was no more difficult that a wrong setting in outlook express but it took a while to find. And god, how slow is dial up? After 5 years of broadband, I could not bear to go back to it. Rather do without altogether.

I am privileged elite, I have lcd screen, windows xp pro, big hard drive, fast computer. But I actually loved the experience of being online in the early to mid nineties. No-one else I knew was, well accept for smart friend in Sydney who was actually in Melbourne then, but then he only used RMIT computers. Windows 95 (remember the huge ad over the top of Bourke and Swanston St) , free internet for one year (yes well, if you could actually get a dial in line), 2 gigabite hard drive, impossible to fill said the salesman.

My beloved partner put up with all my changing from one isp to another. He trusted me to get it right and I pretty well did. I will save the rest of the story about isps for another time.

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