Thursday, October 28, 2004

Food and a big mouth

What have I done? For what reason I cannot remember, but my partner and I were talking about Lygon St, yes, the Carlton, Melbourne, Australia one. I can only recall going there once on a very riotous night and going to the upstairs of a restaurant and eating whatever. Must have been more than ten years ago.

I think Lygon St was the first street to use outdoor heating, and the first touts I had heard about in Melbourne. Don't forget the first pizzas and first proper coffee (doubtful).

Some big mouthed idiot said it might be interesting to go there for a meal, so guess where we are going for dinner tonight?!!

My memories of Lygon St are quite a few years old but I expecting a pretty ordinary meal for too much money, but balanced by a nice tram trip and seeing some Italian guys in tight jeans (shows you how old my memories of Lygon St really are).

Better stop off on the way home at qv for some shopping and a de-stressing bottle of Bombay Gin (yeah, I did mention I was reading a book about the Raj).

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