Sunday, October 24, 2004

Family barbie

Well, not quite the full family, one brother thought he had something better to do, but wasn't sure what it was. Sister was not feeling so well, Sis-in-law had her food van to operate at Frankston market. Nieces and nephew busy with their own stuff. So just us, Mum, step father and brother.

But it was good fun at One Tree Hill in the Dandenongs. It was quite warm in the car and I was looking forward to the cool of the hills. However, it was a little cooler than we would have liked. It fact by the time we left, our noses were dripping from the cold.

Sometimes I forget what amusing company my mother can be. She had us laughing until tears were running down our cheeks. Her speciality is silliness. Somehow she managed to get her glasses entangled in the cord of her sunhat.

Somehow, wrapped in a blanket to warm up, she did not notice she had dragged the corner of it everywhere and it was filthy.

Somehow, she started a frantic search by all for her handbag, only to find it on her arm.

She and my step father had the use of someone's car while they were overseas and boy, did they clock up some kilometres with their weekend drives. My step father found the sticker on the back window, that advertised where the car was bought, quite distracting when viewed in the rear view mirror. But they thought they may damage the screen demister wires if they removed it. My mother just thought it was plain ugly, so she came up with the bright idea of sticking a post card over the top of it. Certainly more distracting than the original sticker. She kindly cleaned the car before returning it and removed the card, and only kept 10 of the 20 pens she found spread through the car.

Subtely is not her strong suit. She gave me a second genealogy book, having forgotten that she had already given me one a year or so ago. Ok, I can take the hint. It is on the to do list.

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