Wednesday, October 06, 2004


The spring equinox has passed now and a few things happen at our apartment at this time of the year.

Bugs and critters start coming in the open door and windows. There aren't fly screens which I don't like anyway. I figure they fly in the fly out again, not always true.

At this time of the year I start to concentrate more on tv as I am not distracted by the cars and trams travelling up and down St Kilda. It is very nice to be warm in the winter and sit and watch the traffic outside in the cold and wet. But now the trees have their leaves and they block the view of traffic and I can only see more static stuff, such as buildings, houses and trees. They don't quite hold your attention in the same way.

Lastly, the cold water storage on the roof warms a bit and instead of turning the hot on and adding cold, you can often just turn both on and the temperature will be correct. In a couple of weeks it will be turn the cold on and add the hot. I might add our hot water is not very hot as it is a regulation set safe temperature I believe.

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  1. After work tonight, I stopped by the local Supermarket to do the weekly shopping. By the time I finally got home (just after 7) it was dark and in the backyard were loads of bugs. It's funny how they aren't around, then all of a sudden, it's like stacks of bugs are born all at once. Right now I have one flying across my PC screen.


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