Friday, October 08, 2004

Body coporate committee work can be hard

We had some painting in the pool and some security updating done and the scaffold broke tiles on the floor of the pool. Names have been deleted to protect the guilty.

Dear M.

In case you think that H is the sole person who is concerned about the pool, she is not. She has the full support of all committee members and we are thankful for her efforts.

Another week or so and the pool will have been out of action for two months. In my wildest dreams I did not imagine that it would take this long to be sorted out. While there is some compensation to owners in the building in that we save a bit on heating the pool etc, there is none for tenants and this devalues our building and the rental figure owners can charge tenants. As was suggested to me, if I were a tenant, I would be asking for a rental reduction.

While I appreciate it is a difficult situation, further complicated by you just taking on the body corp manager role, I feel MICM has been deficient in their handling of the matter and not devoting sufficient resources to a speedy resolution.

The committee is somewhat powerless as all negotiations are through your office.

The matter needs to pursued with vigour. The responsible party needs to be defined and their insurance company pressured. It is not good enough to wait for them to get back tomorrow, which may be the day after and you get back to them the day after etc etc etc. The next day has now turned into many weeks.

While our original request was for the whole pool to be done, if a reputable company is offering a ten year warranty on a lesser option, then of course we would consider this. We do not need official body corp committee meetings to consider any details. We all check our emails daily and meet informally as required.

Personally, I would just like a refreshing swim followed by a relaxing spa. As a committee member I understand the issues. If I was just an owner, I would be furious with the body corp management company and the committee.

I hope that MICM can fulfil the role we pay it for and look after our building in a prompt and professional manner. The lack of resolution of the pool issue is indicating otherwise.


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