Friday, October 15, 2004

Blogs I read

I have looked at many blogs and most.........well, there is something about many that just does not grab me. I do like them to be personal, rather that about a specific issue.
One I have read since about 1999 I think, is There is just something about the way Daniel writes and what he observes that I like. The name was the first thing that grabbed me. Reminded me of Tim and Debbie in Australia You're Standing In It and their running sketch with chunky custard.

More recently I discovered Agent Fare Evader is very clever and knowledgeable and his accounts of suburban train trips are quite fascinating.

And the most recent, like in the last couple of weeks, I have started reading is Rae's, Where the Wild Thoughts Are It is a nice human sort of blog and I have added it too my list.

Three blogs are enough to keep up with. When I some time, I will have a look around blogger and see where to put them on the main page.

Sister and friend are staying with us tonight when they return from seeing The Producers. It will be interesting to hear a first hand report. Then brunch with them tomorrow at Red Orange. Yum.

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