Wednesday, October 20, 2004

As you may or may not know, I live in a high rise apartment block with a view down St Kilda Rd. The Alfred Hospital is obscured by some big buildings but we do see helicopters, should I be more modern and hip, choppers?, arrive and depart. Sitting watching tv, there is a chopper arriving and/or departing once a night at least.

Sorta vaguely interesting, but you get very blase about it. But it does strike me, every time a chopper arrives or departs, there is a human tradegy happening.

Usually goes like this, see chopper, radio news tells of terrible car accident.

Has anyone of us never been touched by a road accident involving someone near to us?

But the patient arriving in the helicopter is in the best possbible care. I have great faith in The Alfred and there is not anywhere I would rather be than there if I was injured.

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