Saturday, October 02, 2004

20 Questions

Why ask one succinct question when you can ask twenty? I was not working, just your average tram passenger and this guy asks me if the tram goes to St Kilda Junction. I told him no and then he asked several other questions before finally getting to a question that would satisfy him. Where does this tram turn off St Kilda Rd. High St I told him. He was happy with this and alighted at High St. But why on earth do people have to ask so many questions before asking a meaningful one? I should have just said, 'dunno mate'.

I must remember to take my walkman in future....actually all I need are the buds in my ears and I can pretend I can't hear people, including beggars, on the street sales people, touts, old Chinese women asking me to go across the street and get a Chinese paper for them, and charity collectors.

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