Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Town Hall Tuesday

This is Caulfield Town Hall, or City Hall as it is named at the front. It dominates the corner of Hawthorn and Glen Eira Roads. It has a nice clock tower and portico, alas not a balcony above the portico. A basic brick building was completed in 1885 and added to over the years including the second storey, the clock tower and the portico.

It is correctly known know as the Glen Eira Town Hall after 1990s council amalgamation of the City of Caulfield and parts of the City of Moorabbin. It's not bad at all, but not my favourite.

Interesting sculpture in front and everything is so well maintained.

I'll be away for a few days and hopefully keeping up with what you post. Ciao. 

Monday, March 01, 2021

Monday Mural

For my spinal xray we took the car to Balaclava and had a bite to eat somewhere and as we were leaving, R piped up and said, 'Let's go past our old house', and we did. The names of our neighbours across the road did not come instantly but the names Helen and Ross we did eventually remember. They were a lovely couple who we interacted with socially at times and now there is a mural on the side of their probably former house as they were about ten years older than us and have probably moved on in someway, to put it kindly. 

But what to make of the mural? It's dramatic.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Some questions for US and perhaps Canadian readers. Do you know the two letter abbreviated name of all of the United States? Is it a formal system, which I guess it is as it appears on car number plates? Most are obvious to me, but not all. Can you guess what would not be obvious to a foreign type? 

I know Canadian provinces but if asked to list them, I would forget one, maybe two, but no one really lives in them so it doesn't matter.

For Australia they are quite simple.

South to north on the east coast are Tasmania, TAS.

Victoria, VIC.

New South Wales, NSW but within that is a territory where Australia's capital city Canberra is located, Australian Capital Territory, ACT.

Then to our northern most state, Queensland, QLD.

Travelling west is South Australia, SA.

To its north is another territory, Northern Territory, NT. If you are wondering, the territories are governed by the Federal Government in Canberra, but they do still have the own local territory governments.

Our really large state is Western Australia, WA. Now I say Western Australia but it could be West Australia. I think at some point it was changed and I am not really sure which it now is. Grace? Sami? Jan? Marie? 

Here's a map with the capital cities of each state marked by a red dot and it says Western Australia. 

Sunday Selections

Joining with Elephant's Child and River for Sunday Selections, this week quite random.

My grandparents house in North Road South Oakleigh is of a similar vintage and was built with cream bricks. My grandparent's house also had a port hole window near the front door. I think there was a sand blasted bird on the glass and it was too high to see out of, so purely decorative and for light. 

An untimely Halloween photo that became lost. 

Melbourne Grammar fence shadows.

The fence changed styles.

Where I buy coffee at times at Kettle Black.

The Yarra Trams officer found a nice shady grassed spot to park while there was nothing requiring his attendance, and his work car was bogged and had to be winched out. I can imagine the radio chatter about that.

R loves his new Samsung S21 and bought a phone case for it at a shop in Chapel Street, and a screen protector. At the last minute for $19 I bought a new clear case for my phone. You can have some Lego play in the shop.

I assume these are phone repair tools for use at the shop. Clever and amusing. 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Pain in the neck

Remember I said I had some neck pain? I needed some new prescriptions from my doctor and what would have been a telehealth phone call, a COVID innovation, I wanted to see him personally about my neck pain. Is it a cancerous growth pressing on a nerve? Doc sent me for an xray and it seems I have osteoarthritis in my upper spine. 

Isn't that just so terrific to be diagnosed with an incurable disease! Some of you know what that is like. 

Last evening I took two pain killers which gave me some relief. As I woke this morning at 5am to go to the toilet, my neck was fine. At 7am I cried out when I tried to raise my head from the pillow after further sleep. It has been like that most mornings for the last few weeks. I sat on the balcony in the cool morning air and I couldn't turn my head left without great pain. A hour later, almost all pain had gone and my neck just felt stiff.

I am not sure the doctor's diagnosis is correct and I feel like the pain will go away in time. I am trying to learn to ignore it, but to be on the safe side, I'm learning about arthritis from Dr Google. I am also remember that five years after a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, my father died at my age. A pain in the neck is better than death.

I saw a physiotherapist yesterday, one who I saw a few of years ago after I injured my back. She knows her stuff. My doc has put me on a five visit care plan for no cost using our public health system for chronic medical problems, so physio visits won't cost me for a while. Physio is not normally covered by our health care system.

Arthritis or not, I am not going to let it stop my life, but gosh it can hurt at times.