Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Populate or perish or populate and perish

From The Age:

Chinese companies bought 38 per cent of all the residential property development sites sold in Australia last year, spending $2.4 billion, according to a Knight Frank report this year.

Should we feel concern at foreign companies owning our properties or are they no worse than our own local developers? British investors hold huge tracts of low productive farmland in Australia. Chinese companies own a good bit of productive land in Australia. It seems the Chinese own rather a lot of inner suburban development sites and apartments. America and New Zealand are also owners of things Australian. South Africa owns quite a bit of Australian companies.

Yet, apparently our economy is reasonably successful. Is Australia a good model for the rest of the world, that is to allow huge foreign investment and ownership of land. I only took one year of economic studies at school and I can't remember much beyond a baker making bread. Was it from his profits that he could pay the prostitute, who in turn paid her pub bill, where the pub paid its rent to..........etc. Perhaps not.

This overseas ownership issue does not sit very comfortably for me, but that is just instinctive, not based on sound thinking or being educated in the matter.

But one thing I am sure of and even a fool should see the logic, if immigration into Australia is suddenly stopped, Australia's Ponzi scheme economy would collapse.

Suffer ye children, the expensive housing, the choked roads, the overcrowded public transport, the hospital waiting lists, the shortage of schools; as with foreign investment, foreign ownership of our lands (well kind of Aboriginal land really) and a huge number of immigrants, we are such a rich country.

Try to go for a family barbeque on a Sunday at one of outer suburban parks now? Good luck with that one.

While I feel I have much to look forward to in life, not having to participate in society and deal with its increasing difficulties will be such a relief when I stop working. R often enough hears my rants about traffic when I am trying to get home from work. Yep, I am traffic too, and part of the problem, but I am not sure I ever asked for this.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Flowering Flora

I potted up a punnet of petunias in a large purple pot, probably over planting. They were standing up like Brazilian goats, but now while it is not hot, the humidity is was at around 70% and they were not happy at all. They like it hot and dry. Just wait a day or so petals, and all will be well.

Well, the photo did not work out too well and they look a bit better now, even though it is still humid. I have been pinching out the tips of the petunias.

Saturday night was a birthday dinner celebration for our friend who turned 75. I was discussing with someone his own technology devices and to my surprise, he has the same tablet computer I have. We agreed that the storage needs to be larger for us to store 'movies'. My tablet storage space is the same as my phone. We went onto to discussing Youtube and how helpful it is with almost anything. He has shrunk since an illness and finds shirts too long for him. Although he knows his way around a needle, cotton and a sewing machine, he did not know how to shorten a tailed shirt. Youtube told him how. i think he mentioned biased tape, or was that unbiased tape. I thank people who upload their knowledge to Youtube. Youtube people have helped me more than once, and it has again just have now by telling me how to properly prune potted petunias.

Britain, Canada and Europe, as I have seen, all have generally wonderful hanging baskets of street flowers during their summers. I thought maybe it was too hot here in our summers to have hanging baskets of flowers. There are some rather horrid hanging baskets of fake flowers in Toorak Road, South Yarra. But no, Sydney has hanging baskets of real flowers. I saw a man with a big long stiff black hose, curved at the end, pumping water into the baskets. It is all about the cost of maintenance, I suppose. The man I saw in Sydney had a much bigger hose than this man in England with his very thin one.

The flowers have since been removed and tips pinched out until the plants grow a little.

This week's flowers.

Monday, November 20, 2017


No, I don't have phlegm, well not a huge lot. Phlegm is an English street artist, well enough known to Grace who is rather fond of his work. You can see of Phlegm's Perth works by using the search facility at Grace's Perth Daily Photo.

Remember back here I showed you a mural of a robot in Chapel Street, Prahran. There was a piece in a local newspaper featuring the mural.

The mural is very large and I learnt from the article that the work is by the English street artist Phlegm. 

My photo never really did the work justice and neither does the one above. I think the rooftop carpark in my photo is publically accessible, so I might try for a better one. It also seems that there is an 'augmented reality app' to use when viewing the mural. 

So, two posts in two days about popular culture. Am I not becoming ever so groovy? 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Melbourne Shuffle

Have you heard of the Melbourne Shuffle? I thought not. I believe Andre Serox is German and was visiting Melbourne when he invented his own dance and named it the Melbourne Shuffle. If the dancing and or music is not to your taste, there is some nice Hanover scenery in the clip.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Extreme weather

Direct hits, one after another after another. I've never experienced such a sustained storm.

The newly installed gutters and downpipes have failed in the deluge. Yes, water is pouring in that bedroom window.

There was and still is thunder and lightening.

In the 15 years we have lived here, water has not hit the lounge room windows above about 20cm. It was almost horizontal rain at one point, right to the top of the glass.

Do you notice the direction from where it is arriving? It is being funnelled down from Queensland. Lee, do something about it please. It is supposed to be your rain.