Thursday, November 14, 2019

A drive along the bay

I have childhood memories of my father and his father and myself driving to Ricketts Point and going out into the bay fishing in a boat. I can't image where exactly it was that you could launch a tinnie (small tin boat with a small outboard motor that was always hard to start) at Ricketts Point. I doubt we caught any decent fish and no female in the family back then would clean and prepare fish, certainly not my mother who would be horrified at the prospect and not even my maternal grandmother who bought fish for dinner every Friday at the Oakleigh fishmonger.

I remarked to R that we had hardly driven the new car and my cunning plan succeeded and he suggested we go for a drive the next day and have lunch somewhere. It was our intention to go to Mentone or Mordialloc, a nice drive along the bay. We didn't get that far and stopped at the Ricketts Point Tea Rooms. Well, that is what it used to be. It can now be described as a cafe with a nice outdoor area. It was a nice enough lunch, surrounded by mostly local comfortably fit, comfortably off and retired folk. I wonder if there is anywhere in the world that has such a fit, financially comfortable white middle class non church going people along a stretch of the sea but with the qualification that you won't be able to tell by the way they dress, which is in a very casual manner.

Anway, it was a nice drive and a nice lunch. Clearly the beach cleaning tractor had only done one run along the beach this day. Washed up seaweed comes and goes.

Oh look R, there is a kookaburra.

I've not seen kookaburras at the beach before and I was a bit surprised. Perhaps they are for this reason. Kookaburras love snakes. They pick them up with their beaks and drop them from heights repeatedly until the snake dies and then they eat them. I am not sure if they confuse a sausage on a barbeque for a snake or they have learnt that a sausage is pretty good tucker, but your sausage on a barbeque is at great risk if there are 'burras around.

This was about to explode into a very long post with kookaburra information. I will save it for another day.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Tele is a Sydney tabloid newspaper and a shocker at times. It has had the pants sued off it and well deserved. It is a Rupert Murdoch, News of the World newspaper and always goes for the worst. While this is not sueable, it is quite horrible.

Aside from the headline and the awful subline, it says about being unhealthy is that "16.8% of secondary students in Australia are attracted to people of the same sex as them or to people of both sexes". It does a good line in bad sentences too.

Very unhealthy indeed to like the same sex. What a disgraceful rag.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Chinese Terracotta Warriors

Perhaps the war between Australia and China is fake news?

I think the terracotta warriors were brought to Australia in the 1980s, but they have been back and we saw them a few weeks ago.

It was amazing to see such sculptures so old, with dates of...........well, I'll get to that. I forgot my camera but my phone did well enough. I liked this sculpture with the dog carrying its pup.

This piece is not original.

Somehow a murmuration of porcelain swallows was included.

I forget what these fake flowers were about.

They may look fierce with big heads, but they are quite 'armless. You can't really see it in my photo, but one warrior was 'superior' to the rest. As you know me, you can guess what I mean.

As we left we noted the Spiegeltent is back, a bordello type theatre performance space. Think of lots of velvet drapery and huge cushions. I think its origins are from Brussels.

Oh yes, the date thingie. Most sculptures are from around 220 BCE. Well, I know what BC is but what is BCE? And what is CE. Of course Guggle was my friend and how interesting. BC is of course Before Christ, year zero. BCE is Before Common Era and means the same thing. CE is Common Era, or as most of us know it, AD, Anno Domini. I am inclined to say if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but BC and AD is very much a Christian dating system and not all the world is Christian. Yes, not even me. I am one of those horrible Atheists. I don't believe in any greater power. 

So please, if you feel the need, send me your kind thoughts but not your prayers. Thoughts and Prayers is rather topical in Australia today as our Prime Minister has sent them to the people affected by bushfires and half the nation is pissed orf with his thoughts and prayers from his happy clapper religious bent and cartoonists are having a field day. Better that he acts on climate change in a Prime Ministerial manner.

Btw, if you want to see something really really old, check out Marie's post as she covers the areas around every London train station. One object she shows in a museum is The Dagenham Idol, and is 2250 BCE, preserved in marshes. That's seriously old.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Monday Mural

Simple, sweet and wonderful. And untagged. Until just a few years ago the tram depicted and built in the 1950s still ran in Chapel Street. Note the SS of the mural painter. He is well known. Pity I can't remember who he is and his other works. The route number, 427, is curious. In the last days of these trams they were route 78, earlier, route 78 or 79 and even earlier, route 77/78/79. Route 78 still runs in Chapel Street but operates with small boxy trams from the 1980s WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING.

Sunday, November 10, 2019


Don't worry. I am not really going to write about Bitcoin and Block and Chain. No matter how much I read and learn about both, I don't understand.

But if you are the person who keeps sending me emails stating that you have been depositing Bitcoin into my bank account, can you identify yourself and give me my account details please, so that I can convert it to AU$, a currency I do understand. Bitcoin is not showing in my banking app. If I add up how much Bitcoin I have been given, I think I am very rich indeed.