Thursday, July 02, 2020

ISO Walking

Gosh I have come across so many thing interesting to me during my ISO walks. Indulge me with more photos. Summer memories of aggies in bloom.

Not far away the Metro Tunnel construction was well underway.

OMG, after checking on Google maps street view, this place replaced a single story old house.

I sat and drank my ISO take away coffee at the MacRob Fountain.

Nearby Metro Tunnel Panels.I want to ask something about the premade tunnel lining concrete panels from one of the workers. But of course as a shallow gay man, I will wait until I see a cute worker.

The lorikeets were being fed.

This area is fenced off. Why? More will be revealed in the future.

A fail as an arty photo.

What do you think about these sculptures?


  1. Loving walking with you.
    I don't think your artsy photo is a fail. At all.
    I like the murals and am a huge fan of public art. Indeed I am taking my camera with me when I head off to LL shortly.

  2. I just walked out to the footpath to drag the rubbish bins back into the yard. No photos taken during my stroll...sorry. No cute guys, either...thankfully, there was no one, cute or otherwise, male or female, around to disturb my peaceful surrounds.

    On my way back to my cabin, I did say "Good morning!" to a cute bird, though...not sure if it was a cock or a hen.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely walk

  4. I love the white one that looks like a wing in flight. Does it look different from every angle?

    1. Yes it does. It was interesting to find the best angle to take the photo.

  5. Me too JahTeh.

    By the way, what is ISO?

  6. Oh I love the Lorikeets! Of course I love my birds as well, but they are not as impressively beautiful as those!
    I love sculpture and monuments. They always make me wonder...
    Of course right now, the USA is all F'd up. A beautiful statue of my ancestor, General Ulysses S Grant was destroyed my rioters. Quite sad as General Grant ended the Civil War that freed the slaves. He was quite an amazing man. Steady and quiet and believed that all men were created equal. So, yes, this has disturbed me greatly.
    In any case, I love your pictures and the one you think is a fail, I would challenge you on. Look again. It says so much in the reflections of the windows.

  7. Nice contemporary infill house. Not the finishes I would have chosen, but it fills the space nicely.

  8. Nice walk to go on and many things to see. Thanks for sharing them. Amazing what you see when you walk, definitely see heaps more.

  9. Wow, gorgeous pics. Thanks for the tour.

    Greetings from London.

  10. Cute sculptures! Those are nice panels hiding the construction.

  11. What a very nice walk Andrew, lots to see. Love the wall mural and the sculptures, the first sculpture made me think of the iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe standing over the street grate with her skirt billowing up 😊