Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Tassie Day 8

We drove the short distance to the MONA, the Museum of New Art. It is built into rock and is a private museum funded initially by David Walsh, a professional gambler and art collector.

This water spray display was great. Even back then there was a COVID-19 message in the words. No matter how often I snapped, I couldn't catch the display in full flight.

R did not like the museum at all.

The famous poo machines, fed at 11am and craps at 2pm, or something like that.

While I liked many of the exhibits, I didn't like the confusing layout of the building.

We did see a good bit of the museum. Sadly it was a bit wet outside. Social isolation had not come into play yet. We had a drink and a bite to eat at one of the areas.

Nice views of the Derwent River from where we had something to eat and drink. We could see where were staying.

Ferries from the Hobart wharf direct to MONA were available and were busy enough. They are all in different camouflage colours. Not particularly cheap from what I saw.

Cheap or not ferries, MONA has been very successful with drawing hundreds of thousands of people like us to the museum, who are were spending money in Tasmania and its capital city Hobart. As an island state it has been easy for Tasmania to lock down its borders, and it has.

An interesting static exhibit. I read somewhere that if a work of art receives too many likes, it is removed. MONA wants to exhibit challenging works, not popular works.

A relaxing afternoon back at the Riverfront, where I went out and took the photos for the previous Tasmanian post. We had a really nice dinner at our accommodation, and we sat in the area where there were white table cloths, but aside from the table cloths, nothing else was different. I guess book early and you get a tablecloth. 

R doesn't have too much energy and we had done enough for the day. It would have been nice to visit Hobart city and there was a good bus service to get us there, but we have seen Hobart before and explored it over a few days.


  1. Interesting that Mona wants to exhibit challenging rather than popular works (with that rationale I suppose removing works which get too many likes makes sense). I would like to see Mona - and am sure that I would be challenged.

  2. The bloke with all the Tats is quite interesting. I am tat-less but both my cousin and daughter have several. The man's are quite well done.

  3. Gawd I love to see a poo machine, and that man off by himself on the steps was he on exhibition? (not being funny)

    Thanks for the tour, I needed anything at all, virtual I'll take any day.


  4. I really do hate tattoos. I can find nothing attractive, nothing interesting about them. They make me cringe.

    If "Likes" kick displays out of the museum, I'd have to go against my own feelings about tattoos, and like that character pictured above...so he could be kicked out...pronto! lol

    Take care, Andrew. :)

  5. It is very different and a poo machine I thought that was what we all are.

  6. Not sure what a poo machine is. But I would guess a toilet

  7. If MONA are looking for 'not too popular' exhibits, would you please pass on my web address!

  8. It's said MONA is very different, never been and probably won't go now.
    Like the idea of a white tablecloth, once every restaurant had white tablecloths.

  9. I'm sure some of the art might interest me, but overall I'm n not a fan of MONA, nor the other one MOMA. The "poo" machines would not be on my list of things to see. I saw enough of the "eat and poop" when my babies were little.

  10. Looks like a fun place to visit.

  11. I wonder how long that guy had to sit there? Too many tattoos for my liking even though my son-in-law has got tattoos down one of his arms, which I hate!
    I do miss a tablecloth in restaurants, even fancy ones don't use them!

  12. The thing I love about MONA is you can go in there, experience amazing art, and forget the outside world exists.

  13. I do love visiting art galleries Andrew.. a lot! But poo machines, I don't think so 😀😀

  14. Interesting what you said about them removing popular works of art. Blows my mind.