Friday, June 08, 2018


We have four printed out A4 sheets of paper with our passwords printed on them which is kept in the filing cabinet, as well a file on the computer from where they have been printed out. A couple of years ago I attempted to to reduce the number of passwords by using the same for similar sites. It was a fail. While I thought I had a good strong password, a few sites asked for capital letters and some others asked for a symbol in the password. My good and strong passwords had neither.

I once put the password file onto a USB stick to take with us when we travelled, but I did not check that it would work on a tablet, and the file was useless as the tablet would not read it. Since then, I've  always taken a paper print out of our passwords when we have travelled. Admittedly many of the passwords are never used but I have learnt to always record a password, along with the log in. Now, most of our passwords are remembered by devices but sometimes things go wrong and your device will forget the password.

While I know you can have a master password for all your passwords, I don't see it as being particularly secure, and setting it up would be very time consuming.

How do you cope with passwords? I hope it is not like Mother's address book, which is somewhat more chaotic than our printed out password sheets.


  1. I have a list of passwords and use/reuse the same whenever possible. And still sometimes fail.

  2. I have many different passwords....all tattooed on my hand.

    (I'm only kidding re the tattoos. I hate tattoos)!

    I have all of them stored securely...and some are permanently stored in my brain,

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I do basically the same as you. I don't try to make up my own passwords. I use the free "Perfect Passwords" generator that is found at The site offers 3 different levels pf password, letters and numbers only all uppercase, Printable ASCII characters (includes symbols and punctuation characters), and letters and numbers, using both upper case and lower case. The passwords offered are each 63 characters long, and are freshly generated each time you refresh / visit the page. I just select the number of characters I want out of the offered string of jibberish.
    Some of those passwords are guaranteed to be so complex that you cannot remember them, so writing them down is essential.

  4. Anonymous8:42 am

    Try Open Sesame! I have too many passwords and used to write them down in a form of code, which I told myself I couldn't possibly forget. Naturally I did so now I keep it simple using a combination of Thai and Japanese words that are meaningless to anyone else. So far, fingers crossed. - Ian
    PS How do you go with ATM pin numbers?

  5. Passwords are the pits aren't they.

    1. True, that! If we don't use passwords, any thief in the universe can steal our private material. If we do use passwords, we drive our own brains to insanity :(

  6. It's a problem these passwords, it seems everything you go to use has a password and requires one even for the TV the apps on it..
    When travelling I have all my passwords on my iPad in a bought Password app and of course my iPad is lock with a pin number. Also have them on my computer as a backup..

  7. I use an old exercise book to record them - but over the years have like you (which.....believe it or NOT recommended by techies - seemingly if 'they' get lucky and find one that works, they'll try it out all over the place) cut the amount back by using the same for similar organisations.
    I emailed a list to myself using a generic online email place so if needed i could find them online using my iPad overseas. They are also in Notes on the iPad- in amongst knitting patterns and terms lol
    Like all things the trouble is when there is a 'scare' and were al advised to change them.....for my 'ageing brain' remembering even the slightest of changes is a bummer

  8. Anonymous1:05 pm

    The thing which annoys me is that different sites/organisations have different rules.

    I don't write my passwords down (good security) but I do use a consistent password according to the rules set (bad security).

    My stepbrother is a techie and has passwords which are a mixture of upper and lower case using lookalike numbers for letters which is quite easy to remember and which meets most rules.

    So far (touch wood) the only defeat has been that I lost a very attractive hotmail account (only 3 letters before the - I was a relatively early uptaker) through hacking, though being so short it had become practically useless on account of the degree of spam it attracted.

  9. I use the same one for everything, EXCEPT for my on-line banking. It's worked so far; fingers crossed!

  10. I too have a constant problem with passwords, they are a Ain in the Pass.

  11. I remember a site a while ago that told you if your password was easily hackable or not and I ended up sticking with my favourite password which is not hackable according to them. I use it or variations of it for almost everything. I have a secondary password for just a few sites, easily remembered.

  12. I hate trying to keep passwords for a host of sites all straight, so much so that I don't use many sites anymore that require log in, only a few. But most of those at some point have been hacked and the demand goes out to change your password once again. It's kind of a nightmare.

  13. All really interesting, people. Just to note, my banking password is very different to all the others and there are no variations on that one used anywhere. My millions will remain safe.

  14. I thought I had a lot of passwords, but my list is only 1 A4 sheet. Because I don't use all of them regularly, when I travel I print out a small list with just the most used 7 or 8. I do hate when different sites request capitals, or numbers or symbols...and I have to invent a new one which I will never remember again, so it has to be written down!

  15. Everything in my life is chaotic Andrew. My photo filing system is non existent, if I ever have to look for a particular photo it's a nightmare. Like yourself most of my passwords are 'remembered' by the computer and I go into a flat spin if I ever have think of them. I have everything in the house so minimal and organised but the technical stuff is a nightmare.. I would be lost without P and Aimee when I have difficulties.. I know, pathetic right! 😶

  16. Mum has one password she uses for just about everything and the ones she can't use that on she memorises. So far she's coping pretty well but she's getting on and her mind is going so I don't know what will happen in the near future.

  17. I have a list of the sites, applications etc that require passwords which now totals 50 passwords. It is ridiculous.