Friday, June 15, 2018

Once again we are very disturbed

This was scheduled for the usual time of 5am, but with topical matters, the striking needs to be done while the iron is hot.

I am not a male, male hating feminist, if there is such a thing. I rather like blokes, as you probably know. Once again, this matter is receiving huge publicity, but there are many similar crimes that don't. It helps if you are a little bit famous or well connected.

A woman walking home from work through a Melbourne park was tragically raped and killed a few days ago. Poor Eurydice Dixon, and how awful for her family. It is an unimaginably horrible way to die. Once again people are choosing their words very poorly and the police force should know better. While you and I may choose to not walk through a park late at night, Eurydice was doing so in one of the safest and highly populated  areas of Melbourne, itself a very safe city. A male teenager was quickly arrested and has been charged.

What we have to remember is that we live in a very large city and crimes like this are abnormal, rare enough to always generate huge headlines. That is of course of little consolation to anyone directly affected or whoever changes what they do in life, but it needs to be noted.  As R saliently pointed out, perhaps with minimal evidence, in the past the accused may well have been under heavy monitoring, if not in some kind of mental health care institution. Setting the mentally unwell free from institutions, as has happened over the last three decades, is fine in theory, but they do need personalised care and it costs money, our taxes.

Here are a few apt things I came across on Twitter, where perhaps the old phrase could be resurrected, she was asking for it.

Let's leave the last word to the late former Prime Minister of Israel.


  1. Golda Meir was PM from 1969-1974. Quite a smart feminist in an era when we were just learning the meaning of the word feminist. Can you believe that women are still being raped and murdered by violent men, nearly 50 years later :(

  2. Both quite true Hels. Meant as a compliment, she was a tough old bird.

  3. It's incroyable that on the list of what causes rape the rapist is last, I know it's meant to be ironic but ironically it's unfortunately true!

  4. Sigh. Thanks Andrew. Words were being said here about the coverage. Short sharp words.

  5. It's sad. Reported that Eurydice texted her boyfriend with, ["I'm almost home safe HBU (how about you)"] wonder why the word 'safe' was used - was she concerned or her boyfriend concerned she may not get home safely!
    Had she had issues before!

  6. I agree with the wise words of Golda Meir.

    Euridyce is the victim, here...not the rapist/murderer.

    Women should be able to feel safe when out or night, but unfortunately, that is not the case. It's not other women raping and murdering them!

    I've lived alone for the most of my adult life...and I've gone out alone, at night, walking and/or driving. Even as far back as the mid-Sixties onward...the times I was a single female, and walked home at night from the movies, from a theatre around in the next street from where I lived, I always carried a knife or a pair of hairdressing scissors, hidden, in my hand. If I had a bag with me, it had a can of hairspray in it.

    When I was cooking in restaurants...late nights were the norm. On the passenger seat of my car was always a can of hairspray (not for use on my hair),and I always carried with me my set of kitchen tools of of which had a 14-inch blade, and all of which, were very sharp...because...they were my "tools of trade".

    They weren't concealed weapons...they sat, within my easy reach. I also had a small tomahawk on the floor, on the right side of my driver's seat...again within easy reach.

    One must always be on alert...not alarmed...but alert, and always be aware, not live in fear....that there are some out there...mainly men...who harbour evil intent.

    It is, sadly, the world in which we live.

    I am my own sole protector...there is no one else who has that title.

    1. PS...Andrew, I posted a further response in your previous post, too.

  7. It's sad that the if the young man was monitored before is because there was cause for it, so why let him loose?
    Certainly a horrific death for the young lady, and a trauma for her family and friends.

  8. From what I have seen, the concept of 'Care in the Community' to replace mental institutions, has resulted in obviously disturbed people wandering around, and frightening people (if not worse). Where is the advantage in that!

  9. A sad story on all sides: women being blamed and mental health issues.

  10. Apparently it's a worldwide fashion to rape women in parks, even considered as safe. Happens also here all the time ! I think young girls should learn self defence !

  11. I've often said those in institutions are there for the safety of themselves and the general population and shouldn't be released, but you know governments, always wanting to save a dollar or three. I agree that women should be able to live as freely as men do. I've always admired Gold Meir.

  12. I love that quote by Meir. I'm tired of the blame the victim mentality in crimes against women. Defense attorneys are allowed to rake them over the coals, every little thing. This doesn't happen with other crimes. If you get mugged, the police don't tell you you were dressed too richly its your fault. If your store is robbed the police don't claim you didn't fight back so you weren't really robbed. On and on. Love this post, Andrew.

  13. Another of my soap box subjects is the closure and flogging off of the institutions that diagnosed, cared for and kept an eye on people with mental illnesses.
    We (still) have a specialised eye & ear hospital, why expect the general hospitals to cope with the mentally unwell when they have not the beds, budgets or resources.
    Grrrr, bloody govts just saw a motza to be made by flogging off the former institutions, leaving us tax payers to pick up the bill and pay for women STILL losing their lives.
    These Incel (involuntary celibate) nutters are all crawling out of the woodwork.