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Blog emails and some history

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Here is why I like to receive email comments. I would have only ever seen many of these comments posted long after my original because comments are emailed to me. There are a number of other popular posts of mine that this would apply to. This is the original post, one a few on the same subject. Here are the comments, the last made years after I published the post. One commenter, Mick Pacholli, is somewhat famous. I was referring in the post to a book I had read a few times.

I may be a bit too busy for the next couple of days to write. We shall see.

  1. Excellent to hear the house is still standing :)
    Still trying to track the book down, thought I'd heard something more was found/decided a few years ago but can't find anything online.
    Very curious!
  2. Andrew, that is so amazing isn;t it? I remembered the tale when I read the headline of the post just now. I then went and read the new comment from the old post. Great of them to make an update on it all. And so the tale continues..
  3. My copy is nearly falling apart Jayne. I am very interested in the second book, which I did not know about.

    Is was a very nice comment Cazzie. The memory of it will die out soon though. Every time any bones are found nearby, the topic crops up again.
  4. I have never heard of this mystery.Thanks for posting about it again Andrew.

    The story is real Australian gothic - the elegant house surrounded by swamp. So eerie. Looking at the photo of the developers I would add that I think it is in both their eyes. She looks like the cat who ate the cream.
  5. The man, Stanley, was known to have a violent temper too LiD.
  6. Mick Pacholli11:37 am
    A friend of mine Patricia L'nane Freeman has written a play about the Lady of the Swamp that has had one performance to a sold out and overflowing Lower Tarwin Pub.

    It is a Musical drama, and although I was not present at the pub it apparently went down very well. She is trying to put a production company together now to tour the play.

    I am doing a story on it in the Metro News this month.
  7. Thanks for the info Mick. It is clearly a case that fascinates more than just myself.
  8. Anonymous10:42 pm
    I posted some comments on your blog about a year ago and have some great news! Tullaree is open to the public once only on Sat 2 May between 10am-4pm (fund raiser for a local school). There will be historical displays, music & associated food, suggest all those curious about Lady of the Swamp cancel all other engagements.

    Rob from Walhalla
  9. Thanks Rob. Wish I could go. Maybe there will be an annual opening. I wrote another post today referring back to this one.
  10. Anonymous3:08 pm
    Hey i have just read the 2nd instalment about the investigation into the "mystery". It also re-hashed alot of the old book which was good as i read that along time ago. FYI- I grew up down that way and my fatehr and grandparents farm was not far from Tullaree so they often saw Margaret walking into town. We grew up listening to this story. Tullaree is still in it's glorious state since Livingstones did it up.
    Great blog.
  11. Thanks FE. Great to have some local colour.
  12. Anonymous8:26 pm
    Hi Andrew,
    We went to the open day at Tullaree 2/5/09 - It was a once only open day to raise money for the local Christian Day, boy what a day was run so smoothly, 2 very long lines of around 2hour wait to go through the house, whick was out of the world, having read the book you could just see Margaret and Jeanie (room where she dies etc) I felt I had been there before, a friends Mother used to visit Margaret twice weekly for afternoon tea with her.
    The Auther Richard Shears was there signing books, which I have both and photo with him.
    Any one who didnt go missed a great day of History.Everyone was so patient and all talking about their thoughts and a good day had by all.
    _ Diane Roberts
  13. Wow, thanks Diane. I will update the many who are interested with a brief new post. Was photography allowed? Any snaps? There was like a shield above the front entrance with Tullaree on it. Is that still there? I would guess the house is quite grand inside.
  14. Anonymous11:42 pm
    Some other bits and pieces from searching google for those interested in the forthcoming "lady of the swamp" play at Darnum and other info:
    Darnum Musical Village - The Lady of the Swamp Mystery. Sunday, 26 July 2009 2:00 PM, Musical presentation and afternoon tea. $25 per person. ...

    Also a fabulous picture of the Homestead "Tullaree":

    This image was taken at the famous South Gippsland homestead of Tullaree.
    The house was owned by the Clement sisters, whose father made his fortune as an investor in the Walhalla mines.
    They lived an ostentatious Edwardian lifestyle until a combination of factors saw them lose all their wealth. The home and property deteriorated over the years and become surrounded by swamp waters, and was only reachable by wading through the water. In 1950, Jeannie Clements died and her sister Margaret lived there alone until she vanished without trace in 1952, suspected murdered. The story has been titled 'Lady of the Swamp' and was the subject of a recent book.
    The property has now been beautifully restored by the McRae family, who kindly allowed their home to be opened as a fundraiser for the Leongatha Christian College on 2 May 2009.
  15. Andrew, I have finally found a copy of Lady of the Swamp, and I read it in one sitting. You weren't kidding - what a riveting book! For a little paperback it is packed with information.

    I wonder if the letter from Mrs Livingstone will ever surface? Unlikely I suppose, but Australia check through all your old books. You never know.

    What a twist of fate that their brother returned shell shocked from WW1. It could have all worked out quite differently.

    I was struck by the Yea connection - the Livingstones going on to buy Murrindindi Station with their profit from Tullaree. I have been fascinated by Murrindindi Station for some time - buildings date from 1840s onwards / the property came up again for sale a few years ago. I had no idea of its connection to this mystery.

    Anyway, it is one intriguing story, Andrew. Very sad too. A shame justice wasn't served.
  16. Anonymous11:10 pm
    Hi Andrew.
    I have been following this story since the early eighties since I came across the story in a newspaper and found a couple of copy's of Richard shears first book and have read it that many times it is starting to fall apart but I have one copy still in mint condition .I have collected all the newspaper cuttings on the story each time something new surfaces.I always find it frustrating that bits of information


  1. Comments so often add immeasurably to the original post don't they? I hope blogger can fix this glitch soon.

  2. love from my sunny garden

  3. Love reading the comments from readers, they always add to the post.

  4. EC, certainly with anything like that post, so much extra information.

    Gosia, it is sunny here but a bit cold. Have a nice weekend.

    Jayne, they do, even if you know people are reading, it is also nice to to have the interaction and the extra information.

  5. Interesting to read your comments of the past and present.
    Comments do tell us that people are interested in what we say and show, wouldn't want anyone to stop commenting.

  6. I actually did have comments turned off on older posts (older than 900 days) because they tend to get targeted by spammers. I've turned them back on for a bit, see what happens.

    Comments are always great but sometimes the contact me forms I get sent can be slightly weird. I had someone contact me about a post I wrote re the name of a poker machine. I believed the name was incorrectly missing a letter. It was one of the reasons I loved to play it.

    I can't name the machine here because the guy has a google alert set for the name, that is how he found my post. He told me *I* was incorrect, that word can be used missing that letter, and we had a somewhat fascinating discussion about poker machines he had designed. It turned out all the ones I loved were the ones he designed.

    Just this past couple of weeks I received an email re a post I did about cat beds I bought at Aldi. This lady wanted to buy some more (from me, or anywhere) because one of her dogs loved it and now all her dogs were fighting over it. Obviously I do not sell cat beds but I told her Aldi would have them back in sometime in the next couple of months - within a week they appeared in the catalogue. :) I took a photo and emailed it to her.

    I get the Aldi newsletters emailed to me in a gmail account, so I can go in and search for a special buys product name and figure out when it should reappear, it is usually once a year.

    In case you did not know, with that work around fix in the meantime, you can click notify me without leaving a comment.

    It is a shame that blogger is not as well supported as it once was. I saw the writing on the wall when they killed off Google Reader. It is weird what that company does, how they support some things but not others.

    I hope the fix is a fix and it is fixed soonest! ;)

  7. I only hope that it will be repaired for next week ! Must be a big bug if it takes such a long time ! I have the same problem as you, some people comment on old posts especially on my travel blog ! It's really weird ! I have to check all my blogs several twice per day at least to see if there is not another comment !!

  8. Wow! This is pretty interesting! Hugs...

  9. Good heavens! So much info unfolding here!

  10. Margaret, so right. Keep it easy for people to comment and leave open for Anon.

    Snoskred, I have comment approval set for anything more than a week old. It is funny how you can have a great comment conversation with someone and then never hear from them again. Thanks for the comment tip. I never really looked. There is just not the money to make from bloggers unless they accept advertising.

    Gattina, yes, I would imagine your travel blog does get comments long afterwards as people Google a place where they want to go and you have written about it.

    RO, pretty annoying too.

    Grace, it probably would no be clear to invading Martians.

  11. I'm not getting email notices anymore either, no matter what I try. I have to find the comments in the blog setting page, then publish them. How backwards!

  12. Why mess with something that worked, I'd like to know? Riles me up. Like losing Picasa all over again, the best photo editor out there. And Windows Live Movie Maker. WTF man! When something works, don't disappear it! Bring back Picasa Google and Microsoft, same thing for Windows Movie Maker. I cannot accept that they are gone baby gone. I will never accept it.

  13. Strayer, isn't it all such a pain. Windows Movie Maker was good and simple to use.

  14. Being absent from blogger for a bit I hadn't realise that the emails/comments weren't working... but I do know now and it is a right pain. I for one am looking forward to when it is fixed.

  15. CM, a nice surprise for you upon your return, not.