Monday, May 21, 2018

Of regrets, I have a few

Yes, plenty of regrets, but nothing too major.

Except that while I know an awful little about an awful lot, I am not expert at anything. I could not be interviewed on the radio about any area of expertise.

It is rather good that via the internet, I know an awful lot of experts in various areas. I have forgotten her name, the English woman who was a guest in Australia's coverage of the royal wedding. She knew her Royals back to front, going way back in history.

Even among our friends, our Brother Friends know menswear back to front. Our Hairdresser Friend knows hair cutting and all things associated well. Brighton Antique Dealer knows antiques so well, and recently made a thousands of dollar killing with something she bought cheaply at auction. She gave $500 to each of her children and had plenty left over.

My school teacher Sister knows how to get the best out of 16 year lads.

Ex Sis in Law knows how to bring her children up with love.

R knows how to be a caring and loving person, and he instinctively knows how to cook.

I was once pretty well versed in the Vietnam War, but now, I have forgotten the detail.

I was also once pretty well versed on Sydney's old tram system, but again, I have now forgotten the detail.

I am pretty expert at my job that I have done for 39 years, yet a younger workmate knows way much more about my work now than I do. I feel like an old dinosaur at work now. I am an old dinosaur at work now and treated as thus.

I really wish that I am an expert at something, but alas, I am not. Perhaps I am good at surrounding myself with clever and diverse people who write well and take good photos? Yeah, maybe that is true.

I suppose you have to have a strong interest in something and never let it go.


  1. No. I too am a 'jack of all trades and master of none'. Did you grow up hearing that phrase as I did?
    I would love to be a creator, but am an appreciator instead. A necessary function I suppose.

  2. Anonymous7:17 am

    The media is aways talking about experts, though not as much as political observers or just observers. I wish they'd start quoting people with Common Sense saying things like 'That will never work, any fool can see that' or 'why are you listening to him? He wouldn't have two brain cells to rub together.' - Ian

  3. You are a clever clogs in many areas, Andrew, don't be so down on yourself.

  4. You are a clever clogs in many areas, Andrew, don't be so down on yourself.

  5. Well Andrew, I think you can give yourself a pat on the back for running a blog like this successfully for well over 10 years while also gathering up a regular crowd of contributors and followers.
    Think of it as an achievement on it's own.
    I've also blogged for over 10 years and haven't gained a quarter amount like the visitors you get, but then I guess I don't really create debate as you do.
    So you must be doing something good and right.
    Me, I'm always on the cusp of quitting. I guess that's why I take so many time outs so as to have a rethink.

    So don't put yourself down.

  6. Even great skills can disappear. Someone stopped me at the coffee shop last week and said "I don't remember your name, but you were a fantastic hockey player".

    True, but that ended in 1969.

  7. Andrew, you are an expert on many things you write about on your blog - we do forget things at times, but recall them later, it's age related to a degree.
    Yes! my little grandchildren also forget things.
    Andrew, you are much wiser then the younger ones - remember that :)

  8. There no point in wasting time by having regrets...the past is the past...nothing one can do can alter what one has done or not done...not today...not now...not yesterday or tomorrow. :)

    Don't be hard on yourself. I'm sure you are good at many things...and I'm also sure you know that you are. :)

  9. You do keep track of the blended family and manage to have lunches, birthdays and weddings without a massacre. Believe me that's right for winning a Blue Ribbon in family relations. Lousy taste in men though except for R and he's only on loan until I come to claim him.

  10. At the age of 14 I became a Latin scholar.... yes even I was surprised!

    I always said to my children that their aim should be to know absolutely EVERYTHING about one particular thing; that way they would always be in demand.

  11. Andrew your knowledge of Melbourne's transport system is fantastic- don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)
    Be the best at what you are my Dad used to say. Queen of England or dustman (garbo) just try hard to be the best!
    I used to think I couldn't do anything until I was able to help friends with their knitting problems - so that's my 'best'

  12. You are an inteligent Man not dinosaur

  13. I'm another who knows a little bit about a lot of things, but not enough about anything to carry a decent conversation on any one subject. Not without fibbing and adlibbing anyway.
    Everyone eventually becomes the dinosaur at work as younger and younger people join the company. That doesn't mean you are useless and only good to be put out to pasture.

  14. For many years at work I would look at older colleagues and think to myself "I wish you would just retire, and make way for me". Now, I recognise the foolishness of that youthful assumption. On one recent project I've been assigned two colleagues, separately, have said said, "Thank god, they've appointed a grown up". People of all ages have different things to contribute in the workplace, even if the older ones are a "little more expensive".

  15. Andrew you are an expert at being you, that is all that matters.
    I have been in my place of work for 37 years and am retiring in 6 weeks time. Shift work is taking it's toll on me. Funny I was just recently offered a promotion at work I told them to stuff it - why wasn't it offered years ago instead of to the younger ones who never stay and move on. Now they are panicking because they are losing my expertise in my field of work. Their problem not mine.
    Looking forward to my next chapter in life....

  16. You have lots of talents as evidenced by your followers.
    And you are witty and sarcastic, qualities I admire.

    I found it very hard at work towards the end as I also felt like a dinosaur. But I still remain friends with some of the younger ones who recognized experience.

  17. I think we all have something to offer, even though we might not be experts at anything. I know I do my job well, but I've been there for 11 years. I do find a few of the younger people who don't know it all just pretend they do and are too proud to ask questions, and then who fixes their mistakes - me!! Silly buggers. I'm sure you are good at a lot of things Andrew.

  18. You have lots of people who love your blog, Andrew. I don't know what kind of an expert that makes you but its something.

  19. You have the best sense of humour Andrew, tres drole as the French say! Most of us get by with being pretty good at what we do in our everyday lives.. that's enough for me these days.. although I do wish I could converse fluently in French.. is it too late I wonder 😀