Thursday, January 18, 2018

Peter Pan

It has been very busy with us since last Sunday. That day we drove down to Bellarine Peninsula with a stop for a light lunch along the way, picked up Mother and ABI Brother from Sister's where they had stayed overnight and took them to Queenscliff to see Little Jo play a boy in a stage production of Peter Pan. It was a small part but she acquitted herself well. We very much enjoyed what you would probably call a pantomime by The Queeenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre Group.

It was of a high standard with four professional actors in the cast. Sam Cameron as Peter Pan absolutely shone. I can remember him from one Little Jo's Music Box acting class performances. There are some photos on the website above. You may recognise an actor from the tv show Doctor Blake. Captain Hook is a master of voice overs.

Sister and Bone Doctor put a lot of volunteer effort into the event, especially Sister who travelled on the Queenscliff to Sorrento ferry with Little Jo in character and Sister dressed as a pirate. R had  lunch with a couple of friends earlier in the week and must have been discussing the show with them. A photo arrived to our phones from Sister of one of the lunch attendees. Coincidently they were in the same Queenscliff pancake place and the friend guessed it was Sister and Little Jo by the Peter Pan promotional tees they were wearing.  She went up and spoke to them and they all had a jolly old time.

Little Jo went to the kids after party and we went back to Sister's for afternoon tea. Bone Doctor stayed on to help with the clean up as it was the final performance. Little Jo put a lot of effort into the show with a month or more of rehearsals and two one and a half hour performances a day for ten days. Sister and Bone Doctor were going to the adult after party later. Mother and ABI Brother left, we took the dog for a walk with Sister and eventually Bone Doctor and Little Jo returned. We gave her the Pokemon poster in appreciation of her work and she came home with us to stay for two nights. She is not a great sleeper normally, but she slept straight for twelve hours that night. She must have been exhausted. It was nearly seven before we got home, so we had pizza for dinner.

I had to work the next day and at her request, R took her to Scienceworks Museum. She loves going there. Lasagne for dinner. She wasn't so keen to do much the next day, so R just took her into town for lunch and some shopping and a visit to another favourite place of hers, Dymocks Bookshop. Sister, Bone Doctor and a friend returned from seeing tennis matches in the Australian Open for a barbeque. R is is his own worst enemy. Little Jo had made a cake for desert. I drove them to So Cross Station to catch the 8pm Waurn Ponds train home, ok, the Geelong train.

My immediate work superior is an attractive blonde female and a wearer of sensible shoes. She greeted me at work yesterday with, ah, did you have a sick day on whatever day? This is subtle pressure. She went on to say, I've been on two weeks holiday and just catching up on paperwork. You didn't present a certificate? I am just checking in case I missed it.

Well, they are under work pressure, perhaps more than I am. I actually quite like her and she is much nicer than my last superior. I politely asked if she went away for her holidays. Yes, camping with my partner in Bright. Today Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo are going camping. Guess where? Yep. Bright. I never noticed an overwhelming presence of lesbians in Bright when we were there eighteen months ago. Perhaps I missed something. It is a delightful town, but has become overwhelmed by the number of visitors.

Just to note, I never realised Mother will turn 84 in March this year. She did really well for two Christmas events and did really well to see Little Jo perform. Yes, there was plenty of help for her, but just that she made the effort was great. There is the Mother cat story to come.

A friend is terribly unwell in hospital and perhaps dying. Posts and comments may be irregular.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The changing earth of Melbourne

A train tunnel is being dug under Melbourne and some inner suburbs from the north west to the southeast, costing AU$11 billion, which hopefully includes everything, trains too.

While the site of one station is near us, it is half a kilometre away. Well, that's what we thought. Train stations need to be as long as trains and some more. It extends to very close to us. You saw my earlier photos of the massive works to reroute the tram down below The Highrise. Since then there has been massive work to move and replace pipes, drains, cables, conduits and many other services. This has led to road closures at different times. We once could access our car park from many directions. Now there is only one way in and one way out, left from Kingsway in, left into Kingsway out, meaning to go south on the main commuter road, Queens Road, we have to drive around the block through three more sets of traffic lights. This will continue to the end of February, but I fear it will  happen again, for a much longer period.

There is also city building demolition for the construction of the stations.

I don't think the demolition of Port Phillip Arcade in Flinders Street will worry too  many people. It was still there a week ago. I really hope the seahorse like sculpture can be kept and used elsewhere.

Around the corner in Swanston Street, these shops are closed and will be demolished.

These ones too but of course not Nicholas Building.

I am not sure about the Macleay College building, but it is quite ugly.

Awnings have been pulled down.

Oh, they've gone. That was quick.

Up  and on the other side of Swanston Street, City Square has been closed. As a public space, it never worked terribly well, no matter how many times it was re-invented.

Under City Square is a car park, and it is now being demolished.

A nice little touch, probably thought up by a publicity department and spin doctors. You can watch the car park demolition work through the window of a mockup of a train carriage.

Monday, January 15, 2018

New Chappies at work Pt 1

About five years ago, three new gay guys started at my work. One was a petite little cutie but also a stuck up pretentious twat. He has gone on to other areas. Another was extremely nice looking, and set up another gay workmate to fail and received a nice bit of compensation from the company. The third is still at my workplace and has become a friend, with whom we have socialised a couple of times and I am in regular contact with.

Over the past six months, four new gay guys have come to my work. Their age range is 30 to 50. The last of them is a tall, slim, dark and a little effem, perhaps a little ethereal. One transferred from another area in my employment and he has all the straight women hanging off his every word. I can see why. He pays them a lot of attention. Three of the four carry facial hair, one black, one red, one blondish red. One with Italian heritage is quite hot looking but oh, his voice is so loud and sounds like a cross cut saw in action.

They are all so different but they one thing in common aside from being gay and seemingly all nice people, they can talk, that is talk the leg off an iron pot. And they ask me about myself. The cynical me thinks they are just being nice. But I dunno, they seem so sincere, like they are genuinely interested.

Self protective old gay men like me are history. I concede, give it over to the younger out there gay men and women, and care for those who are maybe gay, but not so out there, and especially older gay men who are a little bewildered by modern gay life.

This is a little unfinished but a child has control of my desktop.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Death rituals

When Step Father died in 2009, the husband of Mother's best friend collected his ashes from the undertaker. Eventually Mother asked if he wanted to give her the ashes and he said he was quite happy to keep them for a while. He kept the ashes in his study and said he has a chat with Step Father every so often.

On Boxing Day at Ex Sis in Laws, Mother's friend had sent a gift via Tradie Brother, a special powered fertiliser in a box for something. I cried out, It's Step Father's ashes! M and N are sick of having them lying around. It was very funny at the time.

Eventually when we add Mother's ashes, we will scatter both at the lovely Rose Avenue Beach, Cowes, Phillip Island, a place where the whole family remembers for wonderful holidays.

I think this is a bit icky but I probably shouldn't think so. Tradie Brother bought two magnolias trees to plant in celebration of the birth of his twin grand daughters. As Hippie Niece rents, he decided they would be planted in his garden. At the planting ceremony, the placentas (Are there two if they are twins? Forget the question mark. I don't need to know. Ok, go on if you must) were added to the planting soil. Bit strange, I thought, and it was a few months after they twins were born. Had they been in the household freezer? Were they thawed out first? I didn't ask questions.

So far, the magnolias are doing well with such an usual fertiliser.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Almost a free ad

Something lighter today.

Most cruise ships don't have a lot of external hull decoration. We were surprised to see this rather colourful ship in Mykonos earlier this year.

I saw a similar ship recently at Port Melbourne's Station Pier. I believe the one above is the Norwegian Star and the one visiting here was the Norwegian Jewel.

There really do look terrific. They are all displayed without further clicking at the company website.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Unwanted attention

I can only say he was very forceful and I did not want anything to happen. After a while, I just gave up. You can only fight back for so long. I suppose I could have stopped him by making a scene or
punching him, but I didn't. Aside from being about ten years older than me, he was not in any position of power over me.

I could list all the names, but I won't bother. Men who abuse their power over women for sexual purposes are scum. I expect we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne has been accused of sexual misconduct and abuse of power and has taken a break from his role while investigations are underway. In spite of him being from the conservative side of politics, the general public thought is that he has been a great Lord Mayor. Call me ageist, but I just don't fancy Doyle at all. If I want an old man, I have one of them at home, along with myself. Nevertheless, I too think he has been a good Lord Mayor of Melbourne with some areas of conflicts of interest being of great concern. But there will be no recovering for him. The allegations are out there and there is no going back.

But whoa! It is a whole different kettle of fish when it is someone who you like is accused of sexual misconduct of a different kind. I don't think I've been so disappointed since learning of former ABC tv and radio personality Andy Muirhead's online pedophile activity.

I am quite shattered to learn of the allegations against the Australian actor Craig McLachlan. He was so hot looking. So charming. Now if what is said is true, he is just another ageing sleazebag who abused his power over others. So disappointing.

This is not really about sex, nor about flattering someone or indicating to them that you are very interested in them in whatever way. It is about power of one person over another, and much more often than not that of men over women. The revelations about men abusing their power over women over the past year will lead to improvements. Men will think twice, and so they should.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Da Linga

Words and language fascinate me. I am monolingual, as are most long term Australians. I learnt French at school for six years, so I have a little understanding of French, but I have forgotten most of it.

Remember the past bloggers the Hattats in Budapest? When we met Jane and Lance, I could tell she knew a good bit of Hungarian, enough to communicate. Both she and Lance had taken language lessons, which is what you should do if you commit to another country, learn the language.

I know the Americans in France, Ken and Walt, are fluent French speakers.

Which brings me to Gattina in Waterloo, Belgium. I hope I get this right from what she has told me and what I know.  Gattina of German birth speaks German, French, that is the local Waterloo language, English and understands Dutch but cannot speak it. Her Italian born husband speaks Italian, French and I think perhaps English.

Her son speaks French, English and Dutch. Her daughter in law, Dutch and a little English. Problem there, as Gattina and her daughter in law don't really have a common language.

Her son's young son Toby, Gattina's grandson, speaks Dutch and English, but not French, however, he is learning French.

We should feel guilty, I suppose, but least if we had to speak one language only, we ended up with the right one.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Famous Five

Not done with Christmas yet, here are couple of late gifts. Sister gave me this book. Is she trying to tell me something?  I have read a little of the book. It began with the now adult Famous Five who are in a shared household going to what they thought would be a tame New Year's Eve party. The party was forecast to be boring, so they decided in advance to leave just after midnight. Next morning they all woke up with massive hangovers and little memory of what happened the night before. Apparently Julian signed up to join a choir but had no memory of it until a follow up phone call. A pretty girl was involved.  Remember the tomboy girl named George? I quote,  "For her part, George was also grappling with shame at having snogged someone. Also a boy, which filled her with shame for different reasons.

Tradie Brother asked Mother what he should buy Little Jo for Christmas. Mother consulted with R, who has a list of Little Jo's wants. R suggested a Pokemon poster. Mother did not pass this on to Tradie Brother and decided it was a good gift for herself to buy for Little Jo. Mother asked us to track down a poster. I called several likely places but no poster seemed to be available. We looked online. Bingo, plenty available for about $15 including postage. We ordered it on the 12th of December, with a suggested delivery date of the 22nd of December. No parcel tracking. I did not know where it was coming from. Apparently the US, as it did not arrived until 6th of January. So, this is a gift we bought for Little Jo that was to come from Mother. In the meantime Bone Doctor somehow managed to procure a different Pokemon poster, and whispered to Mother that she should give it to Little Jo from herself. Mother, rightly confused, asked how Andrew and R got the poster from us to Bone Doctor. Much confusion. The upshot is Little Jo will have two Pokemon posters to adorn her bedroom walls. This is just a photo. The posters are terrifically vivid and bright.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Chilly in North America

For you, including River, who cannot imagine cold like that which freezes Niagra Falls, there are things in place to ameliorate extremely cold weather.

A second post featuring Toronto in Canada and I haven't even mentioned Jussy once. Well, I am now. Look at his goatee. Jussy is going grey! My written offer to be a Prime Ministerial mister-ess has gone unanswered. His loss.

It was hot when we were in Toronto and it is hard to believe how Toronto can be covered in snow, but if you look at Jackie's post, there is snow aplenty. Ditto in New York.

But what clever Torontons. They have built underground walkways, known as PATH. PATH is not an acronym, and only means...path. 

I have just learnt that beyond being useful in the winter to avoid snow and cold, they are also good to avoid heat in the summer. I wish we had known that, in some ways. Toronto has a lot of lovely old buildings that we would have missed if we used PATH. 

Maps, I love them but it really is hard to post a map here that shows the extent of PATH. This one may be readable, because I have chopped off the northern PATH. You can see a good one here

Here is my effort. Not sure how clear it will be when published. We stayed at Royal York and the bottom of the PATH map, and arrived and departed by the Pearson Express train from Union Station, near our hotel. 

Monday, January 08, 2018

Musical Monday 3, original or cover. The end, I think.

I rather like Pink for a few reasons, which I have now forgotten.  She was the first performer of  Let's Get the Party Started and it was quite good and perhaps is what made her so famous.

It is a great song, but Shirley Bassey brought the proverbial house down when she performed it at Glastonbury Festival in England. Although it is a terrible recording, I prefer the Glastonbury version to the official recording as it is so much more fun. Shirley has such a powerful voice and did the song great justice and her live performance cheers me no end if I am feeling a little down in the dumps.

Pink official

Shirley official video

Shirley at Glastonbury

I was also a little entertained by Shirley performing at Prince Philip's 80th birthday, which you can see here

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Better today

The apartment did eventually cool down more today without the air con on. I feel for those in the north of Victoria who are still experienced 40 degrees today, and those in Sydney who experienced 43 degrees and those in the western suburbs, 45 degrees, 113F. 

Hooking up

I see that mega rich skanky tart Paris Hilton has become engaged. At least she is more interesting than any kind of Kardashian creature. What's his name??? Ah yes, a bit of the foreign in him by his name Chris Zylka. His last name is probably Smith, but doesn't Zylka sound so much more interesting. He bought her a very expensive engagement ring. Did he get a loan from a bank, with his forthcoming marriage as security?

I don't have rules, but my general inclination is towards to tall, dark and handsome, just not to hairy. I am not alone. Madonna, another skanky old tart,agrees. Jesus, wasn't her Jesus handsome. But he is yesterday's man and was rather hairy.

But I must admit, Chris Zylka is very very nice looking. Quite delicious. Oh, he was once interviewed by Out Magazine. Well, we will read nothing into that. C'mon, you have to admit he has a nice smile.

PS Further research on this most important subject tells me his family name is not Smith or Zylka, but Settlemire. I hope Mr and Mrs Settlemire will be very happy together.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Hot and cold

What amazing weather in the northern hemisphere. It is just cold, so much snow, ice, cold rain and as Gattina said high humidity at around 99%.

If I have to choose between heat and cold, I will go for the cold. That is Australian cold, not northern hemisphere cold.

It was bloody hot here today. We were blasted by hot desert winds from inland Australia. Food shopping was done by 10.30 and once home we only stepped out onto the balcony a couple of times to just check that is was still hot, and tediously remark to each how hot it was. At 5:48pm, twelve minutes earlier than forecast (aren't we getting picky about weather forecasts), a southerly blast of cooler wind came through and blew off a number of old petals from the petunia. Lovely red blooms flew up into the air and on to who knows where.

For you unmetricated, 41=106F.

Now, it goes without saying that the US gets very cold in parts in the winter, but it is rather odd to me that in North Carolina, which is not that far north in the US, Sandra shows us photos of frozen fountains, (something has gone wrong here. Just Google frozen fountains North Carolina) and in South Carolina, Jennifer is feeling very housebound by snow and bad weather.

Friday, January 05, 2018


The foil wrap post has been updated.

As has the cop kicking post.

A visitor from northern climes

Well not really, not accommodating him. Using the first initial of his name will confuse you, as it is R, so let's just call him T for tram fan. T lives in Surfers Paradise in Queensland. He was once an employee in Melbourne's public transport system.

Public transport fans, especially for trams, are known at times as gunzels. Don't ask me why. I think the far more derogatory term 'foamers', who foam at the mouth at seeing seeing something transport related is kind of self explanatory.

The week past has been crazy busy, but after moving a meet up with T about three times, we met up at Flinders Street Station at about 9.20am. On the platform was my workplace cleaner, who has moved on to a supervisory role, and parted from my workplace. Con must be about 60, and it is clearly visible that he once very handsome bloke of Greek heritage.  I wished him happy 2018 and shook his hand as we left the train. He was going on to Essendon, while T and I caught the same 9.32 train to Moonee Ponds.

I had looked in advance at the PTV website for the right train to be at Moonee Ponds Junction by 10am. Yes, the 9.32 will suit me well. T caught the same train so it did not really matter about being at Moonee Ponds Junction by ten. We strolled from the station along Puckle Street to the Junction where we examined how the tram system worked there. It is a bit complicated as is it the terminus for the route 82 Moonee Ponds tram to Footscray, and a through point for the route 59 tram to Airport West. Why is there a route 57, a West Maribyrnong tram here? We worked out that it had run out from the depot and this was the way it went into service on route 57. There was what appeared to be a good bus interchange there too. It is quite a public transport hub, and I am pleased we had a good look at it.

We caught the 82 to Footscray, with much figurative Oh My God exclamations. I remember this was  all paddocks, now blocks of flats. This was undeveloped, now all shops. I recognised one spot, from when we visited Jack's Magazine. It was where we had a nice lunch.

We entered Footscray Station via the new entrance, which does not really sit well with the old still existent station. T used the stairs as climbing stairs help his bad knee. I used an escalator which helps with my bad back, that is just stand there.

There are plenty of trains at Footscray Station to get back to town. I chose the limited express, which skips one station. T and I parted ways at Flinders Street Station, he heading for St Kilda Road trams back to his digs in St Kilda, and me to the DeGraves Street subway (an underpass) to get a couple of things at the Woolworths Metro supermarket in Flinders Street. It was a bit of fun catching up with him. He is also gay, so the chat wasn't all about trains and trams.

I hate catching an outbound tram at Flinders Street Station, so I walked up DeGraves Street to Flinders Lane and then to the Collins Street tram stop for a tram home.

Once on the tram, I texted R; on a tram home, see you soon. He called me back, at Chemist Warehouse in town and about to have brunch. I hopped off the tram and crossed and caught one up to Bourke Street where we had brunch.

We caught the tram home and who should be filming at our tramstop? Yes, T. I introduced R to T, which will make things a whole lot easier in the future should we visit Surfers Paradise again.

Did I take photos? Only a couple. I was early to get to Flinders Street Station, so I left the tram at the Arts Centre and walked across Princes Bridge.

I remember when the late former State Arts Minister Lynne Kosky announced a plan to link the lower area behind the gallery with the St Kilda Road level by cutting away this embankment. I guess the project was never funded. I wonder how far the planning went.

The merit of this sculpture is doubtful in my opinion but children just love playing around them. Simple fun. It is bit like the many many presents Little M and Little Em received at Christmas. After initial toy inspections, they preferred to play with cubes of ice from two drink eskies for the next hour.

We seem to have a pop up pontoon restaurant on the Yarra River. It is part of Abory, a nearby bankside restaurant and bar that now occupies a space next to where there was once a train platform. It looks nice but I bet it is very expensive.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Kick a copper daily

For my male readers, or even female, turn you mind back to when you were 16 or 17. Would you have kicked a policeman in the face when trying to stop a shoplifting teenager mate from being arrested?

I will guess your answer will be no. The instance above refers to northern African immigrants, or those who have parents were African immigrants. But that is not particularly relevant as we also hear of young white multi generational Australian youth doing the same. A couple of white female tourists are charged with assaulting police at a Sydney beach Christmas Day party.

I consulted with my English born better half, and he agrees that when we were young, we were frightened of policemen, and it was men then. If we behaved badly, the threat was always there that a policeman would come and take us away and do goodness knows what to us. Of course as an adult, there is some appeal in a policeman doing goodness knows what to me.

So how has the change in society come about? Perhaps in summary, little respect for authority, leading to those in authority to not have authority any more.

Is there any validity in saying, they need a good kick up the arse? The police were just the people to do that, and they did. Is that where the fear and respect came from? They were never supposed to do that, but a blind eye was turned. Of course given the power of assault being ignored, it led to abuse of power.

One possible reason I have touched on before. If people are not picked up by police for minor matters, they will lose respect for laws and the enforcement of them.

Is it that institutions, including police, around the world have been exposed as being very corrupt in the twentieth century?

Ok, generally police no longer give an arse kicking to a badly behaving youth, but there are other things to fear from getting involved with police, such as being locked up for an extended period, the shame, the pointlessness, the criminal record, the fact that you are a marked person by police. I just do not understand why there is no fear of the police, the courts and the legal system. Is it that the courts are too lenient? Many people say yes, but if they sit in on a trial, they say no. The judgement and sentence were fair.

Oh well, hopefully me pontificating from my ivory concrete tower will not experience some of the terrible crimes in Melbourne that have been perpetrated on those similar to me, very very normal people.

Later edit: It seems like the cop kicking kid has breached many orders, including bail and parole and a criminal history and will now be remanded in custody.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Miss Millicent Friendly writes an email

Points to you if you know who Miss Millicent Friendly is without Googling. It could as easily be Mrs Murgatroyd McConachy of Upper Kombuctor West. More points if you know about that town.

I mucked up this time and I don't normally fall for such promotions. Here is why.

This was a good deal, a roll of aluminium foil in a reusable plastic dispenser. The brand is Multix, a big and well known company. A little research tells me it is owned by a larger company called McPhersons, which has fingers in many pies, here in Australia, across the waters to New Zealand and in Asia. A snip from their website.

McPherson’s, established in 1860, is a leading supplier of health, beauty, household, personal care and home appliance products in Australasia, with operations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The Health, Wellness & Beauty division markets and distributes beauty care, hair care, skin care and fragrance product ranges, kitchen essentials such as baking paper, cling wrap and aluminium foil, and personal care items such as facial wipes, cotton pads and foot comfort products. The Home Appliances division markets and distributes large appliances such as ovens, cooktops, washing machines and dishwashers.
In addition, by managing and representing major international brands together with retailers’ private labels, we are able to provide retail customers with a one-source opportunity for complete category management from product innovation and range development to a menu of how the ranges are delivered and managed in-store.
McPherson’s manages some significant brands for overseas agency partners such as Gucci and Hugo Boss prestige fragrances and Trilogy skincare; however, the majority of revenue is derived from the company’s diversified portfolio of owned market-leading brands, including Manicare, Lady JayneDr. LeWinn’sA'kin, Swisspers, Moosehead, Maseur, Multix, Euromaid and Baumatic.
McPherson’s has a large customer base, servicing approximately 10,000 retail outlets, most of the region’s leading retailers, including supermarkets, discount department stores, department stores, pharmacies and independent housewares stores.
I have not sent my complaint email to the company, yet. A picture saves many words.

Now, when after a year the foil runs out, you would think you were safe in buying the same brand of foil to fit into the plastic dispenser? Yes? No! Note the widths of the new roll and the older dispenser. The 30cm wide roll will not fit into the 29.6cm dispenser. If you are unmetricated, that is less than 1/4 of an inch.

I have sent the complaint now.

About a year ago we bought a promoted special at a Coles supermarket, a roll of Multix Alfoil in a reusable plastic dispenser. I hate it when a box starts to disintegrate before the roll of whatever runs out. The foil ran out and so we bought a new roll of Multix Alfoil and it does not fit the dispenser. Looking more closely, the dispenser is for a 29.6cm wide roll and the roll we bought is 30cm. Of course we can't return it to the supermarket as the box has been opened. I can only say we feel very cheated and I ask, if you were buying the same brand and same length replacement roll for a dispenser, would you check the width? Is a 29.6cm roll still available? 

Later edit: 

Miss Millencent Friendly  was a character in a board game called Art Auction. I always selected her character. Upper Kombuctor West was a fictional town in a variety show where old lady. I can't remember now.

I received this reply the following day.

Good Afternoon Andrew

Thank you for your enquiry in regards to the Multix Alfoil Dispenser and
Refill Pack.

The item and its refill pack was discontinued several months ago and is no
longer available.

The refill pack was produced specifically to fit the dispenser pack.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards

McPherson's | Customer Service Team
Beauty, Wellness & Health

McPherson’s Consumer Products Ltd
105 Vanessa Street
Kingsgrove NSW 2208

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Musical Monday 2, original or cover

Yes, again bumped to Tuesday.

The Easybeats were an Australian group and two of the members were Harry Vanda and George Young. George recently died, I think I saw on the evening news. They went on to be music producers in London and pumped out Kylie Minogue hits one after another, along with music and lyrics for many other artists. They wrote and recorded Friday on my Mind as The Beach Boys, but how much better did David Bowie perform the quite wonderful song.

Well, that is my opinion. You may disagree and I will think no less of you.

The lead singer is rather cute in the Easybeats version. Oh, he is dead, Stevie Wright, of Evie fame. Would you believe we heard that just today, as I am writing this, blaring out from a car in Flinders Lane in town.

Ok, you are all going to say you prefer the original version. Screw you. I reckon I have I have it right for next week's post though, and I have thought of another song that is contentious, original or cover.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Different place, surely

A couple of years ago we saw Niagara Falls. It was hot and humid and the cooling mist of water from the falls was most welcome. How can it be that Niagara Falls is now like this? Photo by Muhammad Lila.

And they cost how much?

New Year's Day detritus.

The year that was

We had two terrific holidays this year, one in Sydney, but especially our European cruise where we began with a couple of days respectively in Dubai, Lisbon, Porto and Barcelona where we were joined by R's English sister and brother in law for a cruise of the Mediterranean. We visited Pisa, Marseille, Olympia, Naples, Mykonos, Santorini and the most surprising place which we all loved, Montenegro.

Holidays in 2018 will be rather more tame. We are getting old and saving ourselves and money for a big trip to the UK in 2019.

As we have both discovered this year, physically getting old is not a lot of fun but mentally, we don't mind at all. Friends too are having their own medical issues, and we rather miss our dyke friend who moved to Launceston in her home state of Tasmania with Dog Jack.

Around home not a lot was done. The bathrooms are on the list this year, but then they were in 2017 too. We'll get there.

Around the world and here in Melbourne, some rather nasty stuff has happened in public spaces. But the odds of you being a victim are very low. Nevertheless, when we took Little Jo into town earlier this week, I was hypervigilant, not just checking for cars when we crossing streets, but checking streets themselves. Sad really.

We so much enjoyed family time, especially at the wonderful country wedding of our nephew. Sister and Bone Doctor are to be married in 2018, along with our oldest niece to her partner. That Little Jo's mums can get married was somewhat a highlight of the year, even if the process was not. The delightful twins were born to the middle niece, and there were issues but things seem ok now. Mother and her house electric wringing caused us a lot of stress and cost. She is becoming increasingly frail, but still sharp as a tack.

Yeah, it was not a bad year really and I continue to treasure the online company of my blog mates.

My very best wishes to you for 2018.