Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Clearing the deck

I am trying to clear some photos. After this week's Sunday Selections we will be away for a week or so and maybe plenty of photos to post when I return. So, the humdrum of life.

If you look closely, in the top corner is a a small crack, enough to allow hot fat to drip from the barbeque on to the top of the air con unit where the barbeque sits. I solved the problem by lining the tray with a double layer of foil, but the foil eventually fails and it was my job to replace the foil before it failed but I forgot. Once again fat poured out over the barbeque. Let me Google. Ok, a place in Thomastown has stainless steel replacement trays. That's good. Mail order? You have to set up an account at their website. Drive and buy and pay for? WTF is a Thomastown? I think it is somewhere out in one of the crimeland suburbs.

I Googled some more. Ah, The Good Guys have liner foil trays, 10 for $13. That will be fine with us. We went and bought and they work. They will last for several barbeques.

So simple and so cheap.

The car scrapes to be repaired. This one we have to pay excess for, about $650.

The insurance company judged this nearby dent as a separate accident, and so it was. Not sure why the panel beating company indicated it would be covered under the same claim as above. It wasn't and we would have to pay another insurance excess fee, so we are not going to fix it.

Bit hard to see, but the vandalism scratches on the bonnet are the worst thing. It seems we will only pay one excess fee for the mudguard damage and the bonnet scratch will be polished out for $88 cash in hand. Extraordinary. The car was supposed to be ready by Wednesday evening and R got as far as Flinders Street Station on the tram to collect the car, but then received a call to say they weren't happy with the finish and the car would not be ready until Thursday lunchtime. R takes Mother out on Thursday, so he will have to take the 'old bomb'. It will do it good to have a freeway run. It is my day off for the week, so I will collect the car from the panel beaters. R is very stressed by the experience with this panel beating company. That should not be so when you are with the RACV. If a customer experience form is not sent to fill in, then there will be feedback.


  1. I would be stressed too. What happened to customer service (yes it is a rhetorical question)?
    I hope you both have a wonderful time away and I am looking forward to the photos.

    1. Customer service? What is this strange expression EC? Actually, I went and picked up the car today and all were very nice. Go figure.

  2. I know nothing about car repairs, so an extra day probably wouldn't bother me. Perhaps once the repair was done and dried, they could see it needed an extra coat or something? And of course that would take an extra day to dry.
    Those foil trays are available at Bunnings too, also cheap as chips and reject shops, with the latter two being cheaper and just as good in my opinion.