Sunday, September 11, 2016

Yarra Walk Pt 2, 2/2

Someone should write a history of what is now the Burnley Campus of University of Melbourne. I've known it by various names over the years, mainly Burnley Horticultural Gardens. Horticulture is its focus. It was once the site of Melbourne's Flower and Garden Show, before the show moved to the Carlton Gardens and became too commercial and very expensive to visit.

I don't know what this is. The sign says, No Wash.

Hawthorn Bridge is undergoing a renovation. The construction of the bridge was completed in 1861. The ironwork was made in England and shipped to Australia but the ship caught fire and was scuttled to put the fire out, so the ironwork was lost and had to be reordered. The bridge carries vehicles, pedestrians and route 48 and 75 trams.

A short length of boardwalk after the bridge.

On the far side of the river is now the suburb of Kew.

Ultra modern.

Is it a granny flat built into the ground? Maybe a dog kennel for a bad husband?

More footpath signage.

Lovely a green area where I stopped for a few minutes and sat on a bench.

Toorak can be a bit flashy at times. Kew is more conservative.

Re hot pokers, doing well.

Rail bridge for the  Belgrave and Lilydale trains.

Wattle in bloom as I am about to enter the the tunnel.

Looking a little rural, really, but less than ten minutes by train from the city.

I  like the look of this modest boat.

Melbourne Girls' College is a competitive entrance government school, once the site of Richmond High School.

Half way up the hill is a delightful looking gazebo.

The girls rowing 'shed.

Right next to this purpose built ramp to launch their craft.

Dormant poplars across the river?

Hawthorn Rowing Club.

A little repetition with a gazebo in a small and steep park.

Leading down to a boat landing.


They don't show very well but their are curious capped pipe looking things jutting out of this wall.

There are a number of apartments now on the bank I am walking along.

I have reached Victoria Bridge and the conclusion of the second of my three section Yarra River walks from the city to the mouth of Merri Creek. The bridge is now much more substantial than when first built in 1884. It was widened in 1890 to carry horse trams. In 1915 it was strengthened to carry electric trams and footpaths were added. It was further widened in 1933 and significant maintenance carried out. It carried vehicles, pedestrians and tram route 109.

I climbed up the stairs provided by this swank looking building. I think it is for hosting conferences and social gatherings. The land from the river here through to Burnley Street was once the site of the massive engineering works factory, Vickers-Ruwolt. There are now apartments and Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, with an Ikea within. The centre does not embrace the external world and has a very dismal pedestrian entrance, however, it does have a massive amount of car parking. Still, a lot of people arrive to the centre by tram and the pedestrian entrance should be more welcoming.

That mus be the name of the reception place.

On the other side of Victoria Street was once a massive industrial site, now quickly becoming apartments. The completed block is quite interesting as within is an open courtyard with cafes and other businesses including commercial offices. When I begin my third leg of the walk, I will go in and take some photos. Where I am standing the river is on my right but it makes a 90 degree turn left behind this building.

I was clearly getting tired and did not make much effort photographing these historic buildings. I will return and do better.

The is Audrey of Skipping Girl Vinegar fame. A developer wants to build a tower block on the far side of her and block the views of Audrey as you are coming along Victoria Street from the city.

Very nice Art Deco married with some modern construction.

Here is a better photo of Audrey. She is neon lit at night and skips using her skipping rope. It is a brilliant and quite old design.


  1. Didn't know that those succulents were called red hot pokers...very apt!

    1. Ad Rad, as kids we used to snap the flowers off and hit each other with them.

  2. Andrew I love vinegar your nature is great in winter

    1. Gosia, that was quite a nice day for winter.

  3. Loved walking with you (much less tiring too). I had never heard of Audrey the Vinegar girl - I hope she can be preserved.
    While I usually prefer the old the windows on the ultra modern (and no doubt expensive) place in Kew would give spectacular views. I would hate to clean them though.

    1. EC, if you can afford that place, you can afford window cleaners. Glad you liked the walk.

  4. Love this walk, the amount of wildlife along the Yarra is amazing; we spotted Blue Tongue lizards sunning themselves on the footpath, as well as Bell birds nearer to Dight's Falls.
    I does love me a pic of ol' Audrey, she's a flashy bird but comforting like old slippers.

    1. Jayne, I did not see any lizards. Wrong time of the year but I have heard Bell birds. Audrey is great.

  5. I like the skipping girl. The rest of the walk looked pretty interesting too.

    1. River, there is nearly always something to see, wherever you walk, as I guess you know.

  6. How long has Audrey been skipping up there Andrew? How weird, Aimee just said to me tonight that she's started skipping as part of her get fit regimen :) I think Art Deco is one of the best architectural styles for blending, it isn't too overly ornate.. it has to be my favourite sty!e. Thanks for the walk, didn't hurt my knee one bit :)

    1. Grace, the original was 1936, but it was sold and a slightly smaller replica was made in 1970. The owners found it too costly to run and maintain and it was shut down in 2002. A public appeal saw it restored and operating again by 2009, powered by solar power from electric company AGL. Thanks Wikepedia. So many like Art Deco, as I do too. Is your knee not right yet?

    2. It's getting there Andrew. My physio tells me it's just going to take time for the tears to heal. It's not stopping me doing most of what I want to do.. but can't go hiking yet ☺

  7. I find it strange reading about Kew and Richmond in Melbourne. Interesting how the areas are of a similar social standing as the ones here. I've enjoyed the walk so far, so much easier than doing it myself.

    1. Marie, that's interesting. I think our church going wealthy middle class suburb of Camberwell is quite different to yours.