Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Transport Tuesday

In the Gardiner area of the suburb Glen Iris great work has been done, with a train line lowered into a cutting and a new station built. There are steps and lifts at the end of the platform where I am and ramps at the far end, and I would assume some way of getting across the line there too.

With trains running in both directions every ten to fifteen minutes, the crossing caused very nasty traffic snarls in both directions in Burke Road and Malvern Road. While the removal of the crossing has improved the situation, it has partly moved the jammed up traffic to other parts of Burke Road.

The old signal box was stripped and moved and now has open bicycle parking underneath. The signaller controlled the movement of trams and trains through the crossing. In my earlier days I remember him winding a big wheel a little like a ship's steering wheel when opening or closing the gates. Cables connected to levers also operated sets of points to derail any runaway trams that might collide with a train, the pedestrian gates and traffic lights were also controlled from the box. In later days boom barriers replaced the gates, steel pedestrian gates and all were converted to electric operation.

The station is ultra modern and how to say it kindly, functional.

What the??? A bit of whimsy?

Useless and purposeless and a delightful thing to be there. Note the couple of levers as would have been used in the signal box.

About where the pedestrian line marking crosses the road was where the train tracks crossed the road. About where this garden bed is would be where the signal box was.

There is some colour.

This is another bicycle parking area. I meant to check if it was secure or not, but I forgot. That is two bike storage areas, but no bikes in them.

Up the top of the hill at right angles to Burke Road is Malvern Road.

Were the beds built to contain the access to the communication system?

It is amazing how complex the workings of a lift can be to only travel one level.

I am not keen on climbing stairs and would use a ramp if there was one. Instead I used the lift.

Strange signage on the fence on the way home. I also noticed many new signals on stands are being installed along the line. Unlike the old ones that had a ladder built into them for maintenance, these ones pivot in the centre so the top can be lowered to the ground. When I saw the first one covered in black plastic, I thought it was a kind of counterweight.

I think this is called troughing and contains cables I suppose for communication and signalling. There was a time when it was in a terrible condition with missing and broken metal and exposed cables. While we were assured it was safe, it is all about perception, and I perceive this looks much safer than it used to.


  1. Only one level and you used the lift instead of the stairs? I can hear the heart Foundation tut-tutting from here!
    I really like the whimsical piece :)
    And I like the trains being cut below road level too, traffic should flow more smoothly once all the kinks are ironed out.

    1. River, it is only three levels of stairs where I struggle, and I know walking stairs is good for your health, but like you live in a flat place, so do we and I am not used to going up and down.

      The cynical me says it is only moving traffic issues away from the railway line to somewhere else.

  2. It looks nice ! Not always the case when something is changed !

    1. Gattina, pretty sterile, but not so bad for users.

  3. Thanks for posting a pic of the sculpture robot thing. If you go past early enough its eyes are noticeable and glowing blue.

    1. btw this station/overpass opened the week before I moved in, such good timing.

    2. Ah yes Fen, you would have gone that way to work. Not sure I will see it when it is night time, but I may.