Sunday, May 08, 2016

Perth Day 7

The Day Perth Closed

It was ANZAC Day in Australia, a war commemoration day in Australia. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corp. Back at home in Melbourne, everything is closed for the morning but after 1pm, nearly everything retail opens. Not so in Perth. Everything just stays shut and I wish we had known (yes, we should have checked) and could have prepared better. It varies from state to state as to how ANZAC Day is treated, clearly.

This post has many out of focus photos, but they tell of the day. I had no intention of getting up at 5am to attend Perth's dawn service in Kings Park, but R kept mentioning it and I think he really wanted to see it. At 5am R's phone alarm went off and it was on! R quickly showered and I did not. I did so later. We climbed Mount Street and stopped at the nearest large screen broadcasting the service. Everyone is very polite and solemn in such situations and this morning was no exception. We were among spiritual fellow travellers.

The service was heralded by the laughing kookaburras, perhaps calling out, 'what are you tossers all doing down there'. The description of what would happen was excellent, but having said that, a certain part of the service dragged on for way too long. The Governor of Western Australia was an honoured guest. While Grace and P did not know her name, I soon realised I did not know the name of Victoria's Governor. They are respectively, Her Excellency The Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO, and Her Excellency The Hon Linda Dessau AM.

The day dawned weakly as it was overcast. Grace, who was with P at another screen, suggested that if it rained on the assembly, she would make the best of it with an interesting photo of raised umbrellas. Bad luck girlfriend. You had to make do with the standard solemn shots.

I took a few shots of the screen and this is the best among a poor selection.

Perth city street lights are still lit as we departed.

As we were returning and halfway down Mount Street, biplanes flew over. I think they are (Sopwith?) Camels. I don't understand why the sky is blue, as it was not in Grace's photo and I don't remember it being blue.

Down the hill folk streamed.

R went back to bed and then down came the rain. The water poured down the street, I suppose running into the drains of the freeway at the bottom of the street and then to the river.

Very gloomy outside. This was our only unplanned day. What shall we do? I started to investigate using my tablet, only to find everything was shut. Art gallery, tick. Museum, tick. Shopping malls, tick.R, what about a trip to  Mandurah using the relatively new train? I checked, and checked various stations along the way. Nothing was open. I probably spent two hours checking various things. Even though we had some staples, we wanted some food out. I made an executive decision after learning that the new train to Mandurah in the south also involved an underground railway in the city and a remake and extension of the old northern line, running as one train end to end. The town of Joondalup looked promising. Even if most shops were shut, there was a McDonalds and a KFC if we had to. The stations on the line are a long way apart, so the train picked up great speed, well over 100 km/h. The fare to Zone 3 was $5.30 and we noticed on our train ticket that it was valid for two hours. The nearest ticket machine was broken, and anyway, surely this is like Melbourne and as long as we are on the train before the two hour expiry date, we are fine. It seems after reading online at Transperth's website, that the ticket is valid on trains, buses and ferries for two hours for a journey. It doesn't sound like it can be used to make a return journey. The fare cheats did not get caught as there was minimal staffing at stations on the public holiday.

Terrific expression.

There weren't too many on the train and it was good that it had forward facing seats rather than the sideway seats we experienced on the Fremantle line. Most of those who remained on the train left at Joondalup, us included. We wandered with the small throng in the only direction where there seemed to be anything, that is the main doors to the shopping centre and in spite of door rattling by some, disbelief turned to realisation and the people scattered in all directions. Apparently the McDonalds and KFC are inside the shopping centre. There was a very large mural on the exterior wall of the station.

It must have been one o'clock by now and R had not eaten and I had only had cereal. We caught the next train back to the city and ended up having Subway, then coffee at Durty Nellies as it was the only place open that seemed to have coffee. I find 711 store coffee acceptable, but here is a statistic for you. Number of stores: Greater Melbourne and Geelong 224, Greater Perth 8. There was not a 711 nearby.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Perth and the post will probably have plenty of photos. As this post is lighter, here are a few of our studio. The was a good selection of coffee table books on a shelf. Each had a sticker stating that you could take the book when you left but you would be debited $100 for each book. The one on the far right was huge and must have weighed a few kilos and I expect worth much more than $100.

Bathroom through the door on your right.

The tv was very large for a hotel. It face the bed and underneath was a sofa. You could watch the tv from the couch in the mirror above the bed. There was a small balcony behind the drapes.

The entrance.

Ours was the at the top, second in from your left.

"Want to come for a walk Ducks?" R replied no, so I went off on my own to see Parliament House.

A non working water feature in the rear forecourt.

Good views of the city.

The rear view.

Front view. Note protective bollards.

A private school nearby.

Where are we? Gadansk?

Pretty cool steps. Why did the woman run up the steps? Because she could run back down again.

Some of the gardens were quite nice but could be better. Step up State Premier Barnett.

This plant interested me. I have never seen it before. I could look it up, but better if a reader can tell me.

Very unusual.

Tomorrow was our last full day in Perth. This evening we dined again at Durty Nellies and again enjoyed our meals. It will be another earlyish start tomorrow for our visit to Rottnest Islands.


  1. Anzac Day kept things shut till about half ten here. Love that final plant - and am clueless.
    I have enjoyed/am enjoying travelling to Perth with you. Thank you.

    1. EC, so it is on with business as soon as is decently allowed in our capital. ACT is a shining light of commercialism in action.

  2. I adore the biplanes very KING KONG

    1. John, I believe they are quite light and could probably easily be swatted from the sky.

  3. It's a eucalyptus of some sort ~ I would suggest something native to WA. And looking at the size of it I am thinking it may have been specifically bred for landscaping purpose as a low shrub. It reminds me of a grey green foliage I used to use in floral arrangements that was from WA, but the leaves look more pointed than round. I am sure Grace or P will know. If I recall from Aimee's blog, P is into bushwalking.

    P.S. Shops closed on ANZAC Day in QLD.

    1. Carol, now you mention it, I have seen similar leaves in flower arrangements. P certainly does bushwalk, for very long distances at times. No surprise about QLD closing for the day.

  4. I have no idea what that plant is, but the flower is pretty. I like the big mural very much.
    Your studio was nice enough, but too grey for my taste. Probably easier to care for than cream colour walls as that would show up every little mark.
    An excellent shot of the planes. I have to say, if I'd got up at 'oh God' o'clock and gone out, there's no way I could have gone back to bed after. Once I've been outside, I'm up for the day.

    1. River, re the dark walls, yes exactly. The dark covers scrapes etc. I don't go back to sleep either but R can sleep anytime, anywhere.

  5. Rain on your vacation day and nothing open. Nice you found a Subway at least. Your housing looks clean and modern. I like it.

    1. Strayer, yes, it was very comfortable. We some brilliant days weather wise, but not so good for the last couple of days.

  6. Funny thing was when I mentioned to Aimee that everything was closed she looked at me like I was dilly :) geez mum if you just looked on Facebook you would have seen so many of the cafes etc were open. Have a feeling they might not have been that easy to get to without a car.. Mind you there was the Maylands train station just across from Chapels remember.

    1. Grace, I did think of Maylands and could have checked I suppose, but I thought we would see something different. Chapels was good.

  7. Great selection of photos from Perth.
    all things closed just about here too.

    1. Margaret, maybe Victoria is the only place open ANZAC afternoon.