Saturday, November 14, 2015

Anti Moslem Rant

It pains me to say this, as when I was young I was such a tolerant person. I will not receive love by this post.

But I fucking well hate the Moslem religion. Yes there have been problems with all religions in the past but in the 21st century, most of that has passed.

I feel sorry for average and majority non nasty Moslems, but for fucks sake, how much of this can we take in the name of Allah. They fly planes into tall buildings in New York. They bomb the London Tube. They shoot an innocent bloke in Parramatta, Sydney. I never thought I would see a peaceful Beirut but for many years I have, not so anymore as the Moslems have bombed in Beirut. Now twice in one year Moslems attack Paris, a country that has taken them in and cared for them in huge numbers. 

Two days ago I sat on a train opposite two young Moslem lasses. One had her face covered. I hated her and what her face covering represented to me. Her eyebrows were perfectly plucked I noticed, as she scrolled through her Face Book on her phone, and her nails also perfectly shaped and painted, so don't talk to me about the modesty shit.

Rant over.

Now to be sensible. I see little good in the Moslem religion by the examples I have seen. We in Australia have people of many religions and none generally cause any bother except for Moslems. Is there a natural conclusion that can be drawn from that? For me, yes. Moslems, fuck off.

So, is that the reaction that the Moslem terrorists want? Perhaps they are not so stupid.


  1. Well said Andrew...many bad ones give them all a bad name unfortunately.
    I personally can't stand that full covered face, makes the women stand out more...a way to hide!

  2. There comes a time in life when we question everything, and its happening a lot more now. Can't we all just get along... I often wonder. So much craziness in the world.

  3. I dislike all religions as the religion thinks for the person. It's all fake. You describing the woman with face covering scrolling on facebook is a perfect example of the hypocrisy and fakeness of religion. But the I one is the worst of all currently and I can't think of one good thing to say about it but I can think of lots and lots of bad things.

  4. Muslims have not attacked Paris. Hateful, extremist terrorists have attacked Paris. I hate extremism no matter how it's dressed or labeled. I'm not a big fan of organised religion of just about any denomination. But being Muslim does NOT make one a terrorist. Being Christian does not make one homophobic. Being Jewish does not make one anti-Palestine. These are just excuses hateful people use to justify their hate.

  5. Andrew I agree with you. But in Germany to cover face as a Muslim is forbidden...

  6. I am with Mitchell is Moving here. Extremists of any flavour scare me. And anger me.

    1. PS: I don't see anything immodest about looking after eyebrows and nails either.

  7. Like Mitchell is Moving, I agree that the troubles are caused by the Islamic terrorists, not all Muslims. Is Islam and Muslim the same thing? the same religion?
    Here's my take on this:

    terrorist: you dislike my god so I'm going to kill you all

    regular person: you dislike my god, but that's okay, we can still get along.

    Remember when these attacks first began? They were small and few, but governments everywhere dilly-dallied about stopping them harshly. Now look what's happened.
    To me, that's the same as any parent who doesn't stop wilfully wrong behaviour in a toddler, who then grows up to be a violent criminal. Not all of them do of course, but there are some who would have benefitted from a whack on the backside and a firm no.

  8. Religion has so much to answer for :(

  9. I'm with Mitchell is Moving. As with Christians, you have those who advocate for peace/climate/gay marriage etc (Quaker, Uniting Church etc) and you have those who preach hatred/abortion clinic bombings etf (Westboro etc).

  10. Considering how many Muslims this bunch of thugs have killed in the Middle East they can hardly be equated with religion. They have destroyed the old monuments as being pagan but relics have already been sold to collectors world wide, they are money hungry murderers and thieves, not religious fanatics. Psychopaths for hire.
    I loathe all religions and belief systems including atheists.
    May the Force be with me.

  11. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful contributions. It is not an easy topic and clearly I wrote the post with feelings of anger and sadness. I rather liked Gattina's post, where she points out that 'Thou shall not kill' is part of the text for all religions. Nevertheless these heinous terrorist attacks are being committed by people of the Moslem religion in the name of their religion. They don't like and tolerate even a different version of their own religion. There are other cultural reasons why I don't particularly like the Middle Eastern Moslem religious practices and culture, but enough said and we shall let it rest with you thinking your way and me, mine.

  12. It's hard not to get mad Andrew..