Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Selections

Joining River and others for Sunday Selections and this week it is just few random photos.

Many steel poles along St Kilda Road have been replaced. The tram support wires were moved to the new posts. The lights were moved or new ones put on the new posts but between the old and new hung some temporary looking electrical connections. And so they stayed for a couple of years I think. Finally work crews have come along, dug up the ground, removed wires no doubt connected some wires underground. They all did a neat a tidy job. I did not see it, but the old poles have now been removed, no doubt by a large machine with a claw that clamps around the pole and lifts it out of the ground. The old pole has now gone.

The magnolia blooms have come and gone, with just this photo of the one at the house next to the synagogue to remind me.

There is single display window at the rear of a building across the road and this is what sits there.

These houses seem to be connected to the next door St Thomas Aquinas church. I think they may some type of grace and favour accommodation.

The side of the very nice Royce Hotel.

And that was the end of a lovely sunny day.

The construction behind the old Albert Park Manor is creeping closer to completion. The blue crane within the building has now been removed by the biggest cherry picker you have ever seen.

I heard the Royal Melbourne Show mentioned once on tv and saw these banners. Otherwise I would not have known the show was on. Where were the grizzly kids carrying show bags around after a big day at the show? I think attendance figures must be right down.

Really Victor. A little juvenile, don't you think? We lobbied to get these bike stands in front of our building and now they are spoilt. Actually, it can't be that Victor as he would never contemplate putting a dot over a capital i.


  1. Andrew, the magnoia blossoms is amazing and it reminds me about May in my place..

  2. Oh, that magnolia...
    It seems that councils everywhere do things in their own sweet time.
    Love the grace and favour buildings, and hope you are having a wonderful time away,

  3. Magnolia flowers are such a fleeting beauty. Am currently enjoying the wisterias flowering in people's yards.

  4. Great thoughts and photos, greetings to you.

  5. Well that was a mixed bag did you know we are getting trams too.

  6. I wonder who Victor is?

  7. I did not hear the Royal Melbourne Show mentioned on tv _at all_ and I have seen no advertising in the streets.

    Melbourne Show Day used to be on the last Thursday in September until 1994, until it was destroyed by Kennett and his goons. Who is going to take their children out of school these days, if there is no public holiday?

  8. I've seen some of those giant cherry pickers, I don't think I'd like to be up in one of those if a storm came along.
    The magnolia looks magnificent.

  9. Streets look very different with the poles all gone, looks more spacious.
    Love the teeth and lips in the window..

  10. When we had our concrete laid a few months ago I was tempted to write in it, but we wisely decided to be mature and declined the concept.

    However, one neighbourhood roaming kitty does have four paw prints eternally preserved in a bizarre paw clump where it would have landed jumping down from the gate. It is like all 4 paws together right next to each other. ;)

  11. I'd like to see a photo of Victor. Marking territory like unfixed toms.

  12. The magnolia is magnificent Andrew. Poor Victor, he must feel so picked-on now.

  13. The magnolia tree is beautiful