Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I though I had published this, but it is my draft folder. 

What is this thing called, love?

Those of you who recognise the front as being like an FJ Holden made by General Motors, top of the class.

Mein Gott, what is this? It was stunning and I was immediately in love. I am guessing by the new numberplate it has just come from a restoration. It was gleamingly spotless. It has taken some research with only the barely readable writing captured by the camera on the rear door to go by. Suddenly it came to me, a car designer I had heard of, Pininfarina. This is the word on the rear door.  It was made by the Lancia manufacturer in Italy and called Flaminia Coupe with the body designed by Pininfarina and two colleagues.

Langham Hotel  transport. Langham was recently in the news over food poisoning cases of high tea guests.

Trivett Rolls Royce showroom in City Road, Southbank.


I would have liked to go in and take a proper photo of this history board, but I don't think I would quite be right type in their showroom.


  1. First, I'd worry about where would I put the darn thing so it wouldn't get towed away by our overly zealous bicycle ticket giving wanna be cops. Then, how would I afford the gas. Love is always illusive though.

  2. Andrew I would like to drive the first.. Fantastic shape

  3. Just give me a little Nissan Juke and I'll be quite happy... what can I say, the blood of peasants runs through my veins.

  4. Nah. Cars don't excite my love. Or lust.

    1. I am with you, EC. But I showed the post to my beloved and he thought it was wonderful.

  5. "What is this thing called love?"
    Ugly all day.
    But the colour is fabulous.
    I prefer the styling of that gleaming grey vehicle in front of the buggy, which may not be an actual buggy, but I don't know my horse-drawn vehicles at all well.

  6. The first vehicle looks a bit weird but i beautiful paint job..

  7. Gosh that first car is an amazing shape! Je prefer the buggy if it comes with a horse or maybe the pink taxi :)