Thursday, October 23, 2014

A handsome soldier dead

I've watched quite a number of You Tube clips from Wolters World. They are quite amusing and interesting. One of them instructs Americans about how to not be a stereotypical American when in Europe. He suggested not wearing a maple leaf on their backpack to pretend they are Canadian as everyone knows only Americans wear maple leaves on their backpacks.

R could have emigrated to Canada from England, but instead chose Australia because of our eternal sunshine, bronzed bodies and beautiful beaches. Photo, mid summer at a famous Australian tourist destination.

He does have cousins in Canada from his mother's sister, and while he knew his aunt, he does not know his cousins.

I suppose we are supposed to mourn a bit for the atrocity in Ottawa, because, you know, Canadians are a bit like us, only colder. 

Among R's occasional Sydney right wing radio host spoutings, there are grains of wisdom. He said when he heard that the passports of the two terror attackers (there was one a few days earlier that seemed to be not reported here) in Canada had been cancelled. Well, R said, that was stupid and does he not have a point? Better they go off and become cannon fodder or suicide bombers in some god forsaken middle eastern country. Does not the same apply to the Moslem terrorist lad who attempted to kill two policemen here in Melbourne? He too had his passport cancelled.

Meanwhile the luxurious lifestyle goes on unabated at The Highrise, with the occupants only slightly annoyed at the See Something, Say Something campaign by the removal of clear plastic rubbish bins at our underground railway stations where the free trashy newspaper receptacles become the substitute bins. I need to remind myself of our luxurious lifestyle when the alarm goes off at 5 tomorrow morning.

This post is brought to you by media empires (you whistle, I'll point) that need news to feed on, and governments that need electing to keep us safe.

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