Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eurocruise 22/05 Pt 1 Rudesheim

This was a big day, so I have split the day into two parts. We had entered The Rhine River from the Main River and stopped at Rudesheim. I had heard of Siegfried's Musical Cabinet and I was really looking forward to visiting the music machine museum. Other options were a chair lift ride or a visit and tasting at a winery and see the grape vines.

Entering the Rhine River.

Once moored at Rudesheim, we were taken in this embarrassing convoy to the centre of town and dropped at the museum and the tour of the museum was brilliant.

Unbelievable to watch machines pluck at strings, hit triangles and play violin strings.

This is original and very old decoration, faded in parts.

The floor is also very old and quite beautiful.

Most of these machines work from a fabric roll of some type, like a pianola.

A Nash car outside, which I think  is American.

We still had time before our boat left, so we decided to take the chair lift trip up into the hills. We did not have time to leave the chairlift, just a round trip. It was very good.

The views were wonderful.

At the very top we entered forest.

The town was lively, with many places to eat and drink.

It seemed like the railway boom went down many minutes before the train thundered through at speed.

Then we reached our crossing point over the line. We stood and waited and waited. A train went through. We waited and waited, another train went through and after standing for about 20 minutes, finally the boom rose and we crossed.

The parkland as we walked back to the boat.

This train was travelling very fast.

We sailed along the most visited part of the Rhine, full of castles, one after another.

It really was sun deck weather.

Freight trains compete with river barges to carry freight along the river.

You have no idea how long this train carrying cars was.

What is Germany doing? Ruining the riverbank with a quarry? Actually the land was given to The Netherlands as war reparations, so it is Netherlands mining on the edge of The Rhine.

Hiking along at speed.

 A chair lift crosses the river.

The bridge reminds me of Sydney, not the Harbour Bridge, but another.

I think the barges can only carry three stacks of containers, because of bridges.

I took some short videos of the music machines in action. Only a couple are longer than 10 seconds. 

Want to buy a copy of this one? Price, around €1500.

We were warned the one below would be loud, and it was.


  1. Andrew, everything is perfect. I don't know what to write great Musical Cabinet. Landscape is very very nice.

    1. The museum was a fun place to visit Gosia.

  2. Thanks for the videos. That was such a great way to get an idea of what is was like to be in the museum with you. Well done.

    1. Fun60, I rather wish I had recorded more of Doris Day. Thanks.

  3. That music museum is terrific, we had a wonderful time there. From memory one of our guides was of Asian origin and it was amusing to hear him speak with a German accent.

    That bridge is like Sydney's Anzac Bridge. There seem to be many bridges of that style around the world.

    1. Victor, yes, the museum was very good indeed.

      Yes, Anzac Bridge. Tried and true construction method, I guess.

  4. Doris Day on a 78?
    I'm surprised you could find any "train ride" embarrassing, Andrew! But this was a great way to spend a day with you, thanks for your accompaniment [boom boom]

    1. Maybe it wasn't Doris, but it sounded like her. My father was not a hating type, but he loathed Doris Day. I hate to admit it, and while we had our H G Palmer stereogram, wind up gramophones and 78s were still around when I was a kid.

  5. I love the music machines. I'm very glad you got them on video!

    I agree. The bridge does look like the Anzac bridge.

    1. Of course Dina, you would know that bridge as well, or better than I do.

  6. 'Embarrassing convoy' that made me smile Andrew :) The music museum would have been fascinating.. is it kind of weird that I recognize most of those tunes :)

    1. Grace, I guess it could be called 'world music' then.

  7. "embarrassing convoy"
    why embarrassing? seems to me like an excellent way of getting many people at once from one destination to another.
    Lovely castles everywhere!

    1. River, so is a proper bus. Actually, I don't think a bus could get along the streets, and time was limited.