Thursday, October 03, 2013

Day 6 Merimbula to Cooma 22/09

It wasn't quite the crack of dawn when we left Merimbula. We just had to visit Long Point Beach one more time.

The sat nav wanted to take us to Cooma via Bega. Google maps wanted to take us a bit cross country via Condello and Mogilla but as it was not a long journey, I decided we would go a longer way, via Bombala on the Mount Darrah Road. We stopped for a leg stretch in Cathcart. This hall is very purportedly very old, but it has been rebuilt a couple of times. It looks to be perfectly preserved austere art deco.

We breasted the crest of hill and right in the middle of the road was an echidna (no spell check, it is not an enchilada). Non power assisted, non ABS drum brakes would have never stopped the car in time. Bombala, caught in the 1950s. The coffee wasn't as bad as at the bakery in Merimbula.

We drove a couple of kilometres out of town in the hope of seeing a platypus swimming from the observation deck, but of course it was the wrong time of day and the weather too was wrong.

There was something I read about an train museum or engine museum. The closed railway line still has the station but little else. The train left the mainline at Canberra and travelled via Cooma to the Bombala terminus. Correction: This post was published before it was finished and it was online for half an hour, enough time for me to be informed that the Bombala line was the main line and a spur went off to Canberra, and so it did. The line split just west of Queanbeyan Station.

What infrastructure we used to have!

Just as we arrived at Cooma, down came the rain. Thankfully it was a passing shower and it quickly cleared. We went to the excellent Visitor Information Centre and collected some brochures and we were told a lot of things we could do in the area. Many involved being either rich or very fit. We are neither. We spent the next half an hour trying to find our accommodation on the main road, Sharp Street aka Monaro Highway. There was no operator error, but a pure map fault. It sent us north east when we needed to go south west.

I really liked Cooma and it seemed ages since I had seen an Asian face, but there were plenty in Cooma. The town had a good feel to it. Some buildings were very nice.

More on the Alpine tomorrow.

This is a memorial site.

I liked the design of this seat.

There is a gaol and gaol museum in Cooma.

A lovely grandstand at the sports ground.

We drove up the steep street to the top of Nanny Goat Hill. You can see our motel below, with the tiled roof.

Nanny Goat Hill has a goat sculpture at the top, but do nanny goats have horns?

How could it be so brown and dry here when it was so green at the coast? Apparently the area is in the rain shadow of the Snowy Mountains.

We had KFC for dinner, eat in. It was pretty ghastly but hey, our bellies were full.


  1. Anonymous12:14 pm

    "The train left the mainline at Canberra and travelled via Cooma to the Bombala terminus."

    It's moot point whether you can call the line to Canberra or even to Queanbeyan a main line. Anyway the Cooma-Bombala line goes through Q and the Canberra bit is a branch off that.

    As to the Alpine Hotel:

    "We pull up in Sharp Street by the Cooma Hotel
    If you've been to Cooma you know this place well."

    Is that a song you know?

    1. Marcellous, it isn't really a moot point. I was wrong and have amended it. I didn't know the song but I do now.

  2. Those skies are so blue! Impressed you saw an echidna but did I read that correctly, that it is no more?

    1. Fun60, I stopped in time, thanks to modern braking systems. The chap in the car behind stopped to either encourage it off the road or take its photo.

  3. Cathcart War Memorial Hall looks like it could be an old country fish'n'chip shop. The style is similar to ones I used to buy from in Port Pirie back in the 50s and 60s.
    Cooma looks nice.

    1. River, so Port Pirie had art deco buildings. Yes, I expect it would have.

      Cooma had a big city feel in a small town, tolerant and diverse. I liked it.

  4. ooh art deco makes my tummy all happy

  5. Fen, I have learnt to spot it out. My first photo in this post might make me very happy, short time, no long time love.