Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The apalling Mirabella

Let me see, ex PM Gillard was compared to Colnel Gaddafi

She did not declare on the Parliamentary Register that she was bequeathed a large sum of money.

hen a fellow panellist collapsed during a tv broadcast, she let him slump and pulled back. It was left others to help him

Outrageous statements about Australian Aborigines and the stolen generation.

Ex Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is supporter of fundamentalism.

Sacked her homosexual staffer.

Ah, her daughter knows some homosexuals, so clearly Sophie is not homophobic.

If the respected departed MP Tony indsor said she is nasty piece of work, then that is good enough for me.

It is with glee I observe that she looks like loosing her seat. I care not to whom. hile the country has swung to the Liberals, Mirabella had a 10% swing against her. Absolutely delicious.

(I know, there is a problem with the w key)


  1. That last sentence made me laugh hysterically out loud...its late, I'm peed of with reno's and painting, I just really needed that last sentence to go off to bed happy, merci beaucoup Andrew, I can rely on you to cheer me up :))

  2. Some time ago the Age published a long article about her which was particularly unflattering. It's almost as if they couldn't find anything nice to say about her at all.

    People of the "I had it tough and I'm a success so there is no excuse for social support" school have no insight into anything.

  3. Possibly one of the very few good outcomes from this election in my opinion ;-)

  4. Grace, it is odd that the w key worked at the end but not elsewhere.

    FC, I am not surprised The Age could not find anything nice about. I don't expect there is much nice to find. Yes, the 'I pulled myself up by the bootstraps brigade'.

    Ad Rad, although her opponent is of a conservative nature in many areas, she seems quite decent, which makes a change for the people of Indi.

  5. See, there's my problem right there. No bootstraps to pull myself up with!
    I wish someone would bequeath me a large sum of money. Unfortunately the ancestors are all gone and none of them left a brass razoo. No money either. It's up to me now, to win the lotto so I can bequeath to my kids. Except I wouldn't make them wait until I died.

    1. River, I reckon your kids are doing well enough on their own. You brung them up well enough.

  6. It's the capital W you have an issue with m'dear. Let's hope Mirabella fades into obscurity. Blergh.

    1. Fen, a red light battery symbol had been flashing on the keyboard for a week or more. Replacing the batteries seemed to have solved the matter.

      I don't think Misses Bella is the type to fade. Her personal life was certainly 'interesting', not that I judge on that area. Nasty is enough to judge by.