Friday, August 23, 2013

Trying not to notice an election

I've really never forgiven Kev 07 for the home insulation debacle. He gave his Minister in charge no power to do anything except spend the money. He hung Minister Garret out do dry over the matter. Suffer Sister Garret, this is what politics is about.

I can't recall if was a Kev 07 policy or a Julia policy, but cash for clunkers, an Obama initiative in the US failed to proceed here. I think we should we very grateful.

Now the Abbott, our forthcoming PM, has come up with cash for maritime clunkers. That is Australia buys decrepit boats in Indonesia to stop them being used for people smuggling to Australia.   Thankfully the budget is only $20 million, what?

Does this Abbott person live in the real world? Within two weeks enough prospective leaky boats will be found in Indonesia to fully expend the $20 million. If they weren't badly leaky, you can be assured they will be at presentation. If for some reason Indonesia cannot supply enough leaky boats to fully expend the $20 mill, they will come from elsewhere in Asia.

The theory of Kev 07's insulation plans was good. Its execution was poor. Buying up boats of people smugglers might sound good to some, but really it is quite absurd.

I am crying with pain as there is no one for me to vote for with any sort of passion.


  1. There IS no one worth voting for. Kev is trying so hard to out-Abbott Abbott, while Abbott tries desperately to out-Kev Kev. Loo-dicrous - now Kev is going to provide tax breaks to help develop the NT [la Gina is salivating].

    But back to your points: The insulation thing was a SNAFU because a)there is no longer a public service to administer/ oversee such schemes and b)the whole TAFE qualification thing is rotten to the core [hence ads offering free certificates in insulation installation]

    Meanwhile, back at the beach, 6 year old Indonesians will be exploited by entrepreneurs buying up all the boats they can find, for resale at a huge profit. Former boat owners [coerced or pressured into selling] will get SFA of that AND no longer have the means to go fishing.
    Yeah. That works for me.

    Common sense is the most uncommon of all common things - especially in politics.

    BTW - I have been shown how to fold a fitted sheet. The real question should be why would you bother?

  2. All so depressing FC.

    I don't believe a fitted sheet can ever be folded so that it is neat and flat, and I don't intend checking.

  3. We have "Abbott The Rabbit"and Smiling White Smurf Kev07 no choice at all both as bad as each other.

  4. Come 7th September a lot of people will vote informal. I've never seen a poorer choice of wanna be leaders. Kevin13 is still Kevin07. He hasn't changed much despite what he and they say. National Broadband a terrible waste of money, boat people solution a cruel joke. As for Mr Abbott and his copper broadband plan-no thanks, just forget it. His boat people solution is as cruel and nasty as it can be. Abbott doesn't look like a P.M. ;more like a chain smoking used car salesman.
    I think it's about time Australians started to ask themselves why we have such bad politicians and why this country is being wrecked.

    1. Hi Kent. Would you like to say what you really think? Why are our pollies are so bad is puzzling to me. I can only console myself with the fact that many other countries have the same.

  5. Take that fitted sheet off the line and put it straight back on the bed. No folding necessary. ha!

    Who to vote for? There's the REAL problem.

    1. River, that is what I do, with the variation, straight out of the dryer and back onto the bed.

      Once I manage to send The Greens a message about their immigration policy that I don't agree with, I expect I will vote for them, but that does not matter. It is about where my preference goes.

  6. Not that much of a problem really Andrew..any jock who wears budgie smugglers and sticks both left feet in his mouth whenever he opens it surely can't even be in any way considered right!

  7. P.s. nice title, had to double check haha!