Monday, August 12, 2013

Another unfinished post

Maybe as well be hung for a sheep as lamb so here is another post that may be perceived as  racist. I can't recall what the Sydney incident was now. I will be back to being a nice person tomorrow.

Moslems. I am not loving them. Nasty business in Sydney's western suburbs, presented by a tabloid television show. I take the tabloid into account, but I didn't see inaccuracies.

How did the police allow things to get so out of control? Why are we allowing in so many violent Moslems into Australia when there is the same number of peaceful Buddhists from South East Asia are patiently waiting for asylum in queues?

Does Australia really need more people? Not in my opinion. If we do, we should take in peaceable migrants, not violent ones.

Australia's birth rate has exploded, mostly made up from the babies born to Indian immigrants. While an Anglo Australia couple might have and average  1.6 children, Indian born have closer to 3. Thankfully the government has reduced the bonus payment for new children and made it means tested.

Then there is the dark people from Africa. Too many of them in one place. Measured immigration is the key, so that immigrants fit into our society and embrace Australia and fit into our country. It will be better for them in the long run, and better for Australia.

A woman on my bus to Prahran was staring at me, wondering why I took my sunglasses off and was staring at something. I was staring at a Moslem woman  at the corner of Commercial Road and Punt Road who was wearing an eye slit garb. I have never seen that before on the south side of the Yarra, and I am sure you know what I think of people who hide their faces (setting myself up there)

First sighting of an eyeslit women south of the Yarra is an important thing to record for history.

It doesn't seem to matter whether it Stockholm, London or Melbourne, why are these radical Moslems allowed to preach their hatred. A particularly nasty specimen was taken into custody today in Sydney, 28/05, just a few days after a Moslem hacked someone to death in the name of religion on a public street in London.

These people give the Moslem religion and people from the Middle East a very bad image and make it so easy for pro white groups to argue a case. It is hard to deny when it is in your face on tv.

I know a little of the Englishman, the late Enoch Powell. I have read a bit about him and I saw him interviewed on tv. It is not the rivers of blood in English streets from Indian and West Indian immigration as he suggested. Even in the north of England, the Pakis, Indians and Anglo English gang up on their dislike of Kosovons.  When I was there, I could not believe the hatred of them, some of which might have been justified. The male Kosovon attitude to Anglo woman was appalling, seeing them as easy meat and treating them with terrible disrespect, even older women, such as R's sisters.

Is Islam the largest growing religion in the world? I am sure in the Koran somewhere it must say something like, love thy neighbour....


  1. The clothing and religions are a non-issue for me, but I really object to the hatred, violence and the way some of them treat their women. I don't know any like that personally, actually don't know any at all. There were some Africans living here in the complex, but I think they've moved on now. A mother with two small children, I think a house has become available for her. The Jamaicans across the driveway seem to have gone too, I haven't seen them or heard any reggae for months.

    1. Do you miss the reggae River?

    2. Yes. I'm going to have to find some and load it onto my i-pod.

    3. I think they must have been interesting neighbours.

  2. Like many others, I'm guilty of generalizing. But when I sit down and think about it I feel so sorry for the 99% of good, law abiding citizens who become stigmatized every time an act of atrocity arises.
    I also have a bit of a problem with not trying to fit into a new society. If you're so wrapped up in your culture that you demand that your wife is covered apart form her eyes, why leave your culture and society? Surely the benefits of a first world economy and society should over ride some cultural and religious habits.
    I'm sorry to say it but religion is the root of all evil..

    1. Craig, what do we do when we visit a foreign country? We respect local customs and cultures. If we emigrated to one, we would still do the same. So are as Middle Eastern Moslems go, they really have to give a bit more, which is a generalisation, yes.

  3. Racism is a belief that one's genes predispose one to certain levels of intelligence, values and behaviours. When, oh, when, will people stop confusing values with race? You are not a racist.

    Australia is a country with its own unique set of values. These values are our culture. The government provides an Australian Values Statement to visa applicants. We should be able to discuss values without vilification.

    If people want to come here and spit on our values, they shouldn't [and that extends to spitting.]

    Bible schmible, Koran schmoran. All major religions have sub groups. RC, protestant, fundamentalists and snake handlers all claim to be Christians but do not share the same values at all. Islam, like other religions, has a variety of cultural subgroups each with different sets of values.

    Religion is an excuse for a particular set of values, and quite often a very poor excuse. Religion can provide guidance and set good standards, but only if people are flexible. [Education helps].

    I do not object to certain peoples congregating in one area, because they can support each other during a period of change, and because living in cheap housing areas makes the most sense during the first stages of settlement.
    These transitional ghettos are a socio-economic accident. I am proud that Australian values do not extend to governments gazetting ghettos.

    Yet another kind of ghetto - the sort I suspect you object to - is a ghetto built on social values and both past and ongoing experiences. If e.g. blacks from country X feel alienated from Australian society at large and, so feeling, alienate themselves further, then we have a problem.

    Past immigrant practices with respect to, dare I say it, assimilation or integration do not work today because the past is a foreign country. Things were done differently there.

    We can admit people into our community but like many who are already Australian citizens, they need a sense of purpose, achievable goals, and a hope of achieving them before they will feel they belong.

    Until the grass is greener, they will stay on the dark side. [No racist pun intended].

    I can see why burqas would be useful to refugees - sort of a BYO tent for camps with few facilities. But here there are very few places where there is no by-law forbidding camping outside of a designated area.

    I object to people wearing burqas in Australia, unless they live in Nimbin. Oh, wait, I'm thinking of birkenstocks. In any case, both burqas and birkenstocks can be associated with an identifiable set of undesirable values.

    Burqas are ridiculous. If I see one more Ned Kelly souvenir, costume, book, movie or signpost I'm going to puke. The guy was a loser.

    1. FC, re racism, I guess you can not be racist but still practice racism. I still high numbers from one country at one time is asking for trouble. The mix should be much wider.

      Hehe, burqas, Birkenstocks. Burqas are useful for holding your phone to your ear hands free, I have noticed.

  4. Religion AND money ...the root of all evil !

    1. Simply put Grace and correct.