Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Jo'isms #48

Nanny: "It's cold Little Jo".

Little Jo: "No its not Nanny. You have put the heating on, so it is warm". Mother had just turned the air con on. It hadn't even started to warm her place.

I was sitting at the computer while R and Little Jo were lying on his bed watching a dvd. I heard the fridge open behind me.

Me: "Do you want something Little Jo?"

Little Jo: "I am just seeing what is there is for breakfast."

Me: "Little Jo, I may not be looking but I know what the sound of someone taking a Chocolate Royal from a packet sounds like. Only one."

She took two, and gave the second one to her accomplice in the crime, R. She is now smart enough to not tell her mothers what she eaten when she stays at The Highrise.

After her last visit, I have some new rules. Five sheets of paper to draw on only and no textas or pens in bed.

Mother gave Little Jo a stern warning at the weekend. She must be very careful to not spoil our new carpet.


  1. Do we have pics of the new carpet?

  2. Yes, how come this event went by with any pics Andrew. Oh dear, I wonder who'll be the first to mark the new carpet, it will happen :)

  3. Michael and Grace, the new carpet is going down tomorrow, Thursday.

  4. Mmmm, chocolate royals...did you have the dark chocolate ones or the milk chocolate ones?
    No pens or textas in bed is a fine idea.

    1. Milk chocolate River. Kids don't like dark chocolate, and nor do I much.