Friday, June 14, 2013

It da trains again

It is sad end to a fine timber trestle railway bridge, but I didn't expect it to collapse like it did.

The crew from Adventure Before Dementia recently returned from a holiday and part of their trip was spent travelling on Queensland's Savannahlander tourist train. The journey looked wonderful, although in a 1963 railmotor on an old single track, no speed records were broken. One of them mentioned the train was quite  rickety, but I can't imagine it was anything like this from China, now with high speed rail faster than Japan and Europe. It makes the strangest of sounds of any steam engine I have ever heard. You don't have to watch much of the video to get the idea, but you might want to skip forward to 3.28 to see chickens playing chicken. No chickens were harmed in the making of this video.

Before you next get behind the wheel of your motor vehicle, perhaps you might want to do the environmentally responsible thing and consider travelling by train as a option.


  1. I can just remember travelling from Aberdeen NSW to Newcastle on steam trains - and when it was cold they had these large metal things which must have been heated in the compartments - if you were only one or two you could pich it up (very heavy) and put it between you - other than that you froze - Lucky chickens hey

    1. MC, I remember them too. They were supposed to be heated in ovens and put on the train and the train motion would mix the chemicals in them to keep them hot. In later years they weren't preheated in an oven and if you boarded at the beginning of the line, they would be cold until the train motion heated them up. At times school kids gathered them from other compartments and made their own very toasty.

  2. That's a lot of pollution coming from that locomotive!

  3. River, think about suburban trains and how many there would have been, all belching out smoke like that. In early days of steam trains when few had cars, they must have been principle polluters.

  4. Even though they emit so much bad stuff you have to admit they did look magnificent, when the two steam trains pulled to a stop I couldn't help admiring their magnificence :)

  5. Grace, I do love a good steam engine, not matter how much they smoke.