Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Apology

I did a wrong. When Jill Meagher was killed, I suggested that, with knowledge from our friend who was a policeman, to always look at the family first. What I wrote at the time might have looked like I was suggesting that Jill's husband might have been responsible. I did not say that, but it could be interpreted as such. Mind you, I wasn't the only one and the police should have killed that theory pronto.

Nevertheless, I feel I have done Tom a wrong and I ought not have mouthed off.

Tom, you have my sincere apology and I will never do such a thing again and I am very sorry.


  1. That was a nice apology. I admire you for writing this post.

  2. The man who did it has been in and out of gaol for brutal rapes in the past. Therapy sessions don't seem to have improved his thinking or his behaviour :( And now murder as well :(((

  3. I'm sure he would appreciate that Andrew, nicely done!

  4. The actual guilty party in this matter has been revealed to have the most appalling of criminal records. These revelations must come as a further shocking blow to bereaved husband.