Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sorted at last

We went on a spending spree in town today. Well, we thought we might. We came home with hair product for me, $7, and a dvd reduced from $50 to $8, and the information in the dvd is not something I could not have found out from Diane and Bill's U3A camera club.

Firstly we needed brunch and found an ok place with ok prices in Centre Place after walking along Degraves Street. Someone has told tourists that this is a good place to go for Sunday brunch and go they do. It was packed.

We went to Domayne to look at tv cabinets, coffee table and side tables  and a bedroom side table for R. While there we checked out in Harvey Norman hotplates, washer/dryers, range hoods, mini sound systems and fridges. We were serious about a tv cabinet but there was nothing suitable.

We went to the small hardware shop in Russell Street, closed.

Our phone shop called us last week. Our contracts are about to expire. Are we happy with our plans? Do we want new phones. Happy with plans, but want new phones. The lass was not talking turkey. Boss man will call me tomorrow, but given we were wanting Samsung Galaxy 3 a couple of weeks before 4 is released, we see no rush. Next day: He called and only offered a few dollars off. We shall wait.

We need a coffee top up and where else but in QV. 

I know of another hardware shop, near where McEwans was in Bourke Street. R checked at the spectacle shop nearby to find out if his new contact lens supply had arrived. I checked the now closed hardware shop which referred us to the closed hardware shop in Russell Street. I can't believe the City can't support one small and expensive hardware shop. I think I have seen another down Spencer Street way, but we were tired of town.

Home and R asked if he should take his shoes off. No, we going to the big tin shed hardware store in Port Melbourne. We bought the screws we needed, and had a sausage from the stall. Not sure how old the bread was, but the sausage was tastier than last week's at HN in Moorabbin. Whatever, we got the right sized screws at the big tin shed hardware shop and the replacement base has a reinforcing rib to keep it square to the mounting points.

I like the word denouement, but it would be wrongly used here I think, however, you get the idea.

Hi Sam.
We put up the new base today and it works fine. I will post the old one back tomorrow (pre addressed and prepaid package).
While it was annoying that the vac would not wall mount and we were put to some inconvenience, at least you have quickly remedied the problem, so thank you. That is good customer service.
Best wishes,


  1. McEwans. Oh for the days when we could buy just ONE washer cos that's all we needed.

    How many screws did you have left over after opening the blister pack and then fixing your vac base?

  2. Half. Pack of four and needed two. Last time we bought them, butterfly screws, they sold them loose.

  3. ...maybe QV should have a hardware shop...? Or don't city dwellers do repairs to their apartments?

    1. Kath, the Russell Street one that closed was at the back of QV. I suspect there is not a lot of DIY in the city.

  4. Too many things these days are no longer sold loose. Possibly because it was too easy to slip one or two into a pocket.
    Why do you want new phones? Didn't you get new phones just recently and post about all the functions it has that you don't need? (I may have you confused with someone else) I don't see the point in upgrading when a phone is perfectly servicable.

    1. That is a point River.

      It must be nearly two years since we bought new phones as we are nearly out of contract. I just got rid of three phones for recycling, all quite serviceable. We want them for no other reason than we can and each one is always an improvement on the last.

  5. Because we can.
    This sort of thinking is part of what has led to the "disposable" society that we now have.
    Oooh! The latest model! We must have it!
    And perfectly good items are tossed away.........
    to be recycled of course, but still.....wasteful.

    1. It is the way of the world River, and I am no exception. The internet on my phone is frustratingly slow. It will be faster with 4G.

  6. This shopping spree wore me out just reading it. Thanks for the plug for our camera club site.

    1. Diane, perhaps not as bad as it reads. We don't rush.