Thursday, March 21, 2013

Diary Sunday 17th March Pt 1

Sun 17th

There was one matter I have not mentioned and that is no phone signal and that meant no internet on the laptop while using my phone as a modem. The Star Hotel uses it as a selling point, being away in quiet Walhalla with nothing to disturb you. I won't wear that. It is not good enough. People need their mobile phones and what is the point having www links displayed around the town if you can't access the net other than by a fixed line phone? If there was fire approaching, I would like the CFA app to work.

One path leads to another house via the back of our cottage, while the other path leads up to St Johns Church. The peace of Sunday morning was shattered by the mournful wailing of the fire siren, only a test.

The original larger church was moved to Wonthaggie in 1919 and this smaller one built when the population began to decline.

It is delightfully simple inside. Services are held once a month.

The lighting was bad to get a good photo of this nice stained glass window. As you can see in the photo above, it is quite effective.

Blended Aussie bush and exotica.

The Star Hotel and the rotunda.

The fire station as we walked down the hill.  It is built over Stringers Creek.

The non original Walhalla Chronicle building.

Inside the Tourist Information shop. From memory the cash register is American made.

The exterior of the Tourist Information shop.


Someone, perhaps jokingly, told me there was mobile phone reception inside the phone box. There wasn't.

Old vault which had stored in today's currency $1,400,000,000 worth of gold.

One of the rooms of the residence at the old Post and Telegraph Office.

All that remains of a destroyed hotel.

 The rotunda is in first class condition as sees use by a brass band.


  1. No mobile signal?
    Okay, I'll cross it off my list as I can't live without my mobile.
    Well, maybe I could for a day or three.

    1. Funny River, it did not really worry me.

  2. I haven't been there in years, must go again at some stage, it really is a quaint place.

    1. Quaint is a good word Fen.

  3. Dude this place looks freaking awesome

    1. Keith, it surprised me too.

  4. What a nice place!!

  5. Great place Gunn, but not midwinter.