Saturday, December 29, 2012

Myki Madness Day

While it was electric The Age, I really thought I was reading the Herald Sun by the standards of the comments in an article about Myki. After comment 170 was posted, comments were closed. My god, were so many so idiotic. Take this one for instance.

We have friends from overseas coming to Oz soon who will be relying on PT for transport. When I explained MYKI to them, they won't be coming to Melb - we'll go interstate to also have a break and spend time with them.

What a great friend they are to their overseas visitors. Why not buy them Mykis ready for them when they arrive? As if such a thing would put off holiday makers.

We had planned to buy two Myki public transport cards for R's sister and bro-in-law to use when they visit us in March. Plenty of time yet. Then, sitting on a seat in Fitzroy Street, I saw two Myki cards. I picked them up and there weren't any details on them about an owner, meaning they were not registered and probably not worth handing in. I was hoping there would be a some decent credit on them and I would check before deciding what to do with them. I eventually did and -.28c and -$2.40. Damn. Obviously dumped by tourists after the tickets last use. You can go into the negative with Myki but have to be in credit to use them again. I topped them up enough to be in credit and they will do nicely for our overseas visitors. Wait, we have another visitor to the Highrise before March. Our friend in Japan will he here. She can use one as she does not already have a Myki. Yes, we now have spare Mykis ready for the use of overseas or interstate guests.

What about this one? Not sure what it had to do with Myki. People do like to vent.

What annoys me is when there are 7 ticket inspectors on the trama and no body stops the young madam who dumpied her large handbag on the floor in the doorway for other commuters to trip over. If a passenger breaks their leg because they tripped over the handbag dumped on the floor can they sue Public Transport Victoria?
We were passing Victorian Institute for the Blind aka Vision Australia at the time

Seven ticket inspectors on a tram? I have never seen such a thing. I think if someone tripped over the 'dumpied' handbag, they should sue themselves for their own carelessness. Blind people are usually very alert to such obstacles, especially on a tram, which at times can be a sea of school bags. They have to put them somewhere.

After topping up my myki and going to the city there is still money left in my account, which the myki people take out after 90 days. 

Ah, Daniel's bete noire. Myki does not take the money out after 90 days. It is 180 days, and if you die without a will, the government will take all your money after selling up your property, and the world is going to end on January the first.

My smart card will not "die" if I do not use it for 3 months (as I believe is the case with myki cards)

I wonder what sort of smart card this person has? Clearly not a card that makes them smart. No, Myki does not die after three months. Its death is much more lingering, like four years, and your balance remains for your new card.

Today you will no longer be able to use a Metcard on Melbourne's public transport. It is Myki or nothing. An interesting thing I heard is that fare evasion on trams has dropped substantially over the past year while we have had two different ticket systems.

I have seen a few ticket systems come and go and there is always a fuss when the change happens, then it all settles down until the government comes up with a new system. I have no reason to believe that this change will be any different, although I must say, I have never seen a ticket system change that cost anything like this one has.


  1. The foibles of massness that lead to crazy makingness.
    I would love to be one of your tourists if only I did not have to return to my sad country. :)

  2. Rubye, I think deep down, most people love the country they have grown up in. There is plenty wrong here too.

  3. Had to laugh at the "dumpied" bag. For a moment I thought the writer had meant the handbag owner had dumped out the contents, perhaps in search of her ticket? and really? Seven inspectors on one tram? SEVEN? (That has to be some kind of world record surely?) I think I've seen two or three inspectors on our buses in the whole 26 years I've lived in Adelaide.

    1. Seven is possible River. I have seen six together on a tram. Perhaps the 7th was a trainee. I use buses in Melbourne too, and I have never seen any inspectors on them.

  4. My Myki even works from within the confines of my purse, I don't have to get it out. Couldn't be happier. (sshh don't tell anyone)

    1. Yes, we don't want the gov to think we are happy.