Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Jones, the Evil

Did I hear someone say that Alan Jones said that US Jewish performer Annie Sprinkle was so bad, he wished her parents had been sent to the gas chambers? Maybe true, maybe not. I can't verify it easily.

What an appalling man this Jones is. I hope when I die that a few people think kind thoughts about me. Apart from his band of fossilised, Abbott voting listeners, who will think well of him when he is dead.

Sign the petition.



  1. Thanks for the link Andrew.
    It has always been a disappointment to me that people can listen to shock jocks anyway, and not just because they don't have the same views as me.

    It's very 'lowest common denominator' rubbish that only appeals to people who want someone else to do their bullying for them.

    Free speech is about a meaningful, considered and informative exchange of ideas and insights, not a competition to see who can come up with the most vile way to express intolerance.

  2. Colin5:33 pm

    Oh dear - a hornets nest. Despicable creature that Jones is. How people can listen to the trash that comes out of these 'shock jocks' is beyond my comprehension. But listen they do.
    Stayed tuned on this business, more will come out of the cossets. What he said and the excuse he gave was nothing less than appalling.
    For a person who credits himself as a communicator par excellence, surely he must have known that someone in that audience would have had a recorder? What a feeble excuse!
    He cheated as a boarder at(Toowoomba Grammar), that's enough at present. Not quite the sporting hero as he would have people believe.
    Then his efforts at Kings College, Sydney as English Master - don't fret the truth will come out.
    I may not approve of the policies and how Julia Gillard became PM, but the words of who I call, Paul Joseph Goebbels (reincarnated) as the Propaganda Spokesman for John Howard and, Lady MacBeth, Janet Howard who are virtually the only two who have not issued one statement on this disgraceful behaviour!!!! ?????.
    Shame Jones, shame.
    Agree with FC completely.

  3. I signed it this morning, disgusting excuse for a human he is

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself: shame, Jones, shame!

    I don't like any Conservatives, but at least some of them share basic human morality with the rest of us eg Malcolm Turnbull.

    But Alan Jones shares no moral values with me whatsoever, nor does his patron Tony Abbott.

  5. FC,it is very much puzzling to me why shock jocks work in Sydney but not in Melbourne. While we know we are intellectually superior to Sydney, I am surprised at how the shock jocks survive there.

    Colin, maybe I am extra tuned in, but I know what you talking about when you mention Kings College.

    Fen, I would never normally comment on someone's appearance but he is as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside.

    Nicely said Hels. I don't understand why anyone other than the rich or big business vote Liberal. Well, maybe parents of private school children do to. Clever work by the Liberals.

  6. I had that petition pop up in my email a couple of days ago and signed it then.
    We have our own shock jock here in Adelaide, stories about him offending and insulting people pop up in the news and papers now and again.

    1. River, yours does get the occasional mention on Media Watch, but he is nothing compared to Jones.

  7. Alan Jones' comments were despicable and he is often the bully boy that he accuses others of being but I also feel that the style of some criticism against him - especially where they contain sweeping generalisations - borders on matching his behaviour.

    I read Hels comment above. I only know Hels from her comments on your blog and she strikes me as a delightful person but I was a bit taken aback by the wording of her comment on this post. Take the sentence 'I don't like any Conservatives...'. Change just one word of that entire sentence - 'conservatives' - and replace it with the name of a religion - any religion - or with the name of a race of people - any race - and the comment is as distasteful as many of Jones' utterances.

    1. Victor, I am sure Hels didn't mean it personally. Although one of our good friends is a Liberal Party member, at times I struggle with the how his quite decent conscience sits with a party that complains about the lowest paid getting a pay rise of a couple of dollars, that will apparently ruin the economy, as against the huge amount of money earnt by some. I really don't talk politics with him.

  8. Harvey Norman, according to this morning's Hun, is withdrawing advertising but feels he is part of a Lynch Mob.
    Jones' comments were tasteless and over the top, but I'm not sure he is being "lynched" for one mistake. His record is hardly a nice one.

    The idea of any government having the right to dictate what is or isn't good journalism scares the daylights out of me, so this example of people /market power is encouraging.

    I'm also intrigued [though hardly outraged on Jones' behalf] that Kyle Sandilands and his ilk are not being called to account. In this sense, perhaps it would have been fair if Harvey Norman had said "why is Jones being singled out for criticism?"

    There is a weird parallel here, if we look at the public response to the rape and murder of Jill Meagher.
    I do not for one minute want to diminish the enormity of the crime committed against her, or question the impact of her murder on her family, but why has the public response been so strong in her case when every man, woman and child is at risk every day?
    Not complaining, just curious.

    1. Oops - meant to add one more observation about the Jones Affair.

      In a [supposedly] sports mad nation, it would be nice if we respected one of the key principles of sportsmanship i.e. 'play the ball, not the man'. Sadly, I don't think we can hope members of the House of Representatives will ever set a decent example.

    2. FC, people who do name calling etc are just silly and do the cause no good at all by stooping to Jones' level. I am heartened that people seem to want to persist with this quite legitimate campaign with 2GB's sponsors.

      It is kind of like how I like blog comments, argue your point, but don't insult the commenter.