Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Discussing dudes with Mother

Phone conversation:

Andrew, have you been watching Farmer Wants a Wife? There is such a nice bloke in the show.

No Mother.

Andrew, what about House Husbands? It is good and there an actor who is great.

Mother, I watched the first episode and it did not grab me.

Andrew, the bloke in it is so nice. You know the one. He has been on tv before.

Mother, do you mean Gary Sweet?


I could have said it but I didn't, no that it would have mattered. Mother, never mind boring old balding Gary Sweet in House Husbands, what about Mr Hotness himself in the show, Fariss Dirani. Mother, would it be ok if I had his Aussie/Leb babies?


  1. I'd go for any of them Andrew, but as I keep reminding you....I'm easy.

  2. LOL @ Gary Sweet! Fariss is a little easy peasy on the eye.

  3. Yes Victor. You like me should have a word stamped on our foreheads, starting with s and ending with t.

    Fen, I do think very intimate thoughts about him, nay, pornographic thoughts really.

  4. Oh you are naughty Andrew, but I like it haha!