Saturday, September 15, 2012

Too much meat

I wrote this a while ago and it didn't get finished or published, so I will just put it up as it is. Oh yes, R has the job he wanted and starts in about nine days.

 R has been very busy since he retired. He has been applying for jobs, looking at volunteer orgs, dealing with job centre places, and with Centre Link. Every Thursday he has been taking Mother out. Tomorrow he is doing a training course for a job he is not going to take because he has a good indication that another preferred job will be offered, but will it? Just my luck that tomorrow is my day off so I will take Mother out.

It must be a couple of months since he worked. It has taken some adjustment to him being home during the day. We knew it would be, and only one spat over the matter.

Last Saturday night we went to a Turkish restaurant with our friends. It is near my workplace and I have wondered about it for years. It was good. The service was excellent in the fairly small place. The cost was ok too.

But the meat, oh the meat. Chicken, lamb and beef, it just kept arriving. Plates piled high with meat. I guess we ate about half of the meat. Some was parcelled up to take away, but there was still a lot left. I likes me meat, but not in that quantity. It was absurd.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We too have been in restaurants and have been completely outfaced by the quantity of food.

    As for piles of meat, try a Hungarian wedding!!

  2. R got the preferred job?
    Hooray! *happy dance, happy dance*

    I'm not a big fan of meat based meals either. Give me a tiny piece of meat about half the size of my palm and fill the plate with veggies please. A lot of restaurants seem to serve far too much meat. So now you have a freezer filled with pre-cooked meats, you won't need to eat out for a while. Unless you get bored with the day after day chicken, lamb and beef.

  3. The question of what to do if you are newly retired or retrenched or sick is one that every family faces. Eventually.

    My beloved now takes one day a week off, and not before time. He used to work far too hard. But I have a lovely routine worked out over the last 100 years, a routine that works very well. So what can the beloved do - daytime tv? golf?

  4. Hopefully R gets the preferred job.

  5. Nice one R.

    After a lifetime of wolfing down (and preferring) huge plate loads of food I'm finally appreciating the benefits of smaller portions. Too late to improve my figure it seems. 😞

  6. Colin7:10 am

    Strange isn't it?
    The top 5 star restaurants feed you in modest proportions and naturally top class - food and presentation. The lower rated restaurants that mostly don't specialise in a particular dish, clubs and counter lunches at pubs the food is piled so high you can hardly see who is sitting opposite you. I think it is a case of "waste not, want not".
    I know for certain that this is the case in corner and country pubs, if the left overs can be reused in stews and casseroles that they are. I was in the hotel trade, family owned country hotels.
    The old time cooks hated to see food go to waste!
    I always ask for small portions, just tell the waiter/waitress you will not eat it. I can assure you and your readers that 95% of the time they respect your wishes.
    Try it and see what happens.

  7. JayLa, they kill a boar for the occasion?

    Hels, when I am at home alone, I am up and down from the computer chair all day, as I go about other things, and I am quite content. R gets stuck in and gets things done and then what? Joe needs a project to work on, something that interests him.

    Rubye, it is a done deal and he is happy although apprehensive about starting a new job at his age.

    Victor, I just can't eat the quantity of food I used to. It must be an age thing. Clinically observing how your body ages is kind of interesting.

    Interesting Colin. I can't say that we normally get huge meals when we are out, but we probably eat more than if we were at home. I feel that the meat, being the most expensive part, must be eaten and then the green and yellow vegetables and leave potatoes behind if you are full.

  8. Colin8:01 am

    Just for a better clarification for your readers. Only UNTOUCHED food is reused - eg: a half eaten sausage etc. goes in the scraps.
    Health inspectors do not send out calling cards, they appear and have virtual dictatorial rights over the kitchen - which is the correct procedure.
    Thus they have much success in Asian restaurants, which they close down. Hoteliers can lose their licence if proper procedures are not followed. I can't recall the actual by-law that is used.

  9. Colin, each state does it differently. I like the NSW approach, name and shame. For a small fee, some health inspectors do send out calling cards in advance. I amazed at how where I buy my lunch salad roll remains open, when the place is filthy. The food prep area looks clean though.

  10. Too much 'meat' is never a good idea..although some like it!!

  11. Grace, whatever can you mean.