Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maintenance of your machine

Our friend in Japan thought her computer was on its last legs.

Our newish notebook sized computer started up very smartly when it was brand new. It hadn't done much work but it had slowed down to an intolerable start up time. I gave it attention. I looked at all the things it was loading on start up and stopped them. I don't know how they all got there, but they did.

I stopped everything except the operating system and the virus checking from loading on 'start up' and lo and behold, it started up fast once again.

A friend of our friend in Japan gave her computer some attention and stopped many things running and cleared the 'furball' from the fan. Her computer is now working perfectly. Fingers crossed it still is.

To put it bluntly, you don't want unnecessary rubbish loading up when you start your computer. Crush, kill, destroy. You stay in control of your computer and what it does.


  1. Yeah I need to clean the insides of my machine, it gets warm and the fan comes on. Probably full of dust as it's 3 years old now

  2. Fen, I just so read that the wrong way until I realised what the post was about.

  3. My problem would be not knowing what is necessary and what is rubbish to be stopped from loading. I wouldn't have a clue about cleaning out any dust.

  4. Hello Andrew:
    Oh if only we could learn to stay in control of our computer!!! Sadly we rather feel that keeping control of a boiled egg at times is beyond us so we are sure that have no chance at all with the innards of our PC. However, we do keep it dusted so perhaps that will keep us going for a while!!

  5. Anonymous12:21 am

    My computer is very happy and working well! If it hadn't been for a friend who knows about these things, my poor computer would still be sick. Even though I dust it regularly, apparently dust can still get in and 'hide' until it's created the furball found last weekend.

    As for the mystery processes starting when we boot up, according to my friend, they mostly come from things we download. Things get piggy-backed onto whatever we're downloading. They're not necessarily bad things but after a while they build up and slow our systems down. They have to be manually removed, which is a bit of a pain but easy if you know what you're doing. V.

  6. My computer is still a mystery to me - I don't have the technical know how, and would either be overcharged or bored to death if I asked anyone who DOES know. Where is the 'Non-Techno-Nerd Helpful Computer No Question is too Dumb' company when you need it?!?!

  7. River, that is the problem. You don't want to turn something off that will stop it working. I guess research of what is running is necessary. I would not attempt to clear dust from a laptop, but I have done our desktop machine.

    JayLa, fortunately you know people who do stuff. It is a good and stress free way to exist. An external dusting of a computer is not terribly helpful to its operation.

    Glad to hear all is still well V. Yes, all these things build up in time until the computer is so busy dealing with them, it won't do what you want. Heat makes computers and the like very unstable.

    Red, such people are around. Our friends found one who comes to their house and fixes whatever for a flat $100. He is good value.

  8. Do you have a Logitech fan 'thingy' Andrew, it's fantastic for keeping computers just sit your laptop on top of it plug in into a dooflingy at the side and each time the computer starts up so does the fan, good stuff!

  9. Grace, your comment was disappeared for a time. Does it fan downwards too, to keep your lap cool?