Sunday, September 30, 2012

It just goes on and on

Dear Michael (Danby),
Some time ago you promised to get back to me with further information about live cattle transport and the very inhumane killing methods of Australian grown cattle in Indonesia. I have not heard back from you. A week or so ago, we saw the appalling treatment of breeding cattle sent overseas, now we see absolutely awful treatment of sheep in Pakistan.
There is no way sheep and cattle bred in cool climates should spend longer than a bare minimum of time it extremely hot countries unless in a cooled building. Exposing un-acclimatised animals to such extreme temperatures alone is surely extreme cruelty. 

There really is no solution other than to stop live animal exports for slaughter and if animals are sent for breeding purposes overseas, their welfare needs to be closely monitored. If that is not acceptable to the purchasing company or country, then they simply are not sent.

While we may not have any direct influence over animal welfare in other countries, the least we can do is set a good example by how we care for our animals.

For Senator Ludwig to even suggest that the live animal export regulations are working is an appalling joke. They clearly are not.

What has happened and continues to happen is to Australia's shame and I call on you as my representative to stand tall and be counted.


  1. Colin6:12 pm

    I have no idea who this Dandby person is but as for Senator Ludwig, son on the Labour power broker here in Qld, the one and only BIG Bill Ludwig, who sometimes makes me think that Joh B-P, Russ Hinze and Terry Lewis as saints when in comes to "over control and corruption", then the son, now the Minister for Agriculture makes poor old Billy MacMahon and his canary cage look like an authority on rural business. Eddie Ward of a previous comment by me must be laughing himself silly and Black "Jack" McEwen of the old Country Party must be spinning in his grave at these idiots.
    Are you aware that when this Indonesian treatment of the slaughter processing hit the headlines, Ludwig Jnr. was dispatched to Jarkarta to look into the matter. He looked no further than the 5 star hotel windows on his trip. What a joke as a Minister! A bloody ####ing disaster, and he, Ludwig Jnr. is immovable thanks to the control of his ****wit father, whom Julia Gillard relies on for Qld support. I have serious doubts if Ludwig Jr. even knows what a canary looks like!
    I believe that all exports of sheep, cattle, camels etc for human consumption should be slaughered here and then sent in refrigation containers to wherever. As for the breeding exports, then more humane conditions should be applied for transportation. Rural Australia will be brought to their knees if an alternative is not quickly found.
    If you did send a letter to this Danby person, I look forward, but won't count on it for a sensible reply.
    Now off my high horse, but some things really make me see RED!

  2. I'm not up with who's who in politics but I am dead against inhumane treatment of animals.

  3. Colin7:26 pm

    Me too Diane.

  4. Hi Andrew

    This rural pescatarian supports you and your open letter whole(meal)heartedly.



  5. They're sent live because they must be butchered in a certain way according to their religious beliefs. But I don't see why they can't be butchered in their manner here in Australia, then the meat packed and shipped to its destination. Surely we can do this.

  6. Colin8:50 pm

    They were slaughtering here according to the Muslim law at Young, NSW. - that's one place I know of. The abattoir was closed down, due to financial problems etc. God Good - does it really matter that the head of the animal has to be pointing towards Mecca?????????
    That seems to be the problem - bloody ridiculous. Young, NSW had refugee butchers -boat people etc. who came to get a better life.
    Now many of these people who accepted the country life-style rather than "Ghettos" in the cities, have now either gone on the "dole" or moved back to the major cities. It was a policy that was working.
    Oh it makes me sick.

  7. Hello Andrew:
    We too have to endorse and echo the sentiments of your commentator, Diane, Colin and Pants above.

  8. All agreed. Even though omnivorous, I believe that every animal deserves a decent life and a clean death.

    We have long had halal butchers in this country, and there is no reason meat bound for Muslim countries should not be dressed here.

    In the long run, it would be better for Australia economically if it was dressed here.

    I refuse to believe that Islam condones the ill-treatment of animals, except where the religion has been degraded by tribal cultures and religious sectarianism.

    Politicians? Phooey.

    If the Islamic Council of Australia wants to develop and improve Muslim rapport with the rest of Australia, this is one appalling situation they could address profitably.

  9. Colin, he my local Federal Member in the lower house. He is Jewish and he represents probably more Jewish people than any other politician. I have found him to be fairly decent. Given how important his seat is, Melbourne Ports, it is probably to credit that he hasn't risen to become a minister nor that you had not heard of thim. I did not know much about Ludwig, senior or junior. Thanks for you passion.

    Yes Diane. We must press on the matter constantly.

    Thank you Pants. You sent me to the dictionary.

    River, absolutely no reason at all as to why they can't be slaughtered here. It must happen soon.

    Thank you JayLa. I am sure there are issues in your own adopted country too.

    FC, it is a very good point about the Islamic Council and not one that had occurred to me.

  10. Colin1:03 pm

    FC makes a very good point indeed. Open the closed abattoirs and create jobs. Gets the refugees out of city Ghettos and into rural Australia, then they will learn much more, how to assimilate.
    I just in my usual curiosity "googled" the seat of Melbourne Ports. A Labour stronghold and alternative lifestyle (!!!) and the biggest atheist electorate in Australia.
    Well I hope your member will listen to you.
    Could be all very interesting, as your member is of the Jewish religion. Would the Islamic Council of Australia listen to a person of the Jewish faith? Good luck with your endeavours.

  11. And Colin, many of them would be from the land in Africa, so not completely ignorant of farming and animals.

    I think Danby is widely respected but no, probably not the right person for that job.

    Yes, that statistic would be correct, many Jewish and atheists, but very few Muslims.