Monday, September 24, 2012

Eight years later...

On this day eight years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Eight years later, I still manage to find things to say. Over the period I have shared some of the 15,000 odd photos I have taken. It has been and is a wonderful experience. I have met some blog mates and I will no doubt meet some more in the future.

Blog stats tell me I have post an average of 1.65 times a day. Too much. I think 1.25 would be good.Surely eventually I will run out of things to say.

I read something in The Guardian a while ago which made me think. Well, The Guardian often makes me think, a thing I am not normally keen on doing.

If I translate what I read in The Guardian to my blog, I have gathered around me people who I like, and people who seem to like me because they read my blog. A few readers have come and gone over the years, but there are some significant stalwarts.

The point of the Guardian article was, that is how it is. Of course no one who dislikes me or what I write reads me. Why would they?

There is no doubt in my mind that having a blog is all about approval. That is rather the opposite to what I normally say; my blog, my online diary, I will write regardless. I wouldn't still be writing in detail after eight years later if it wasn't for the comments and the people I interact with.

Some time ago Dina in the United States mentioned me in a post. She thought I was ninety percent trustworthy as a real person who blogged, rather than a fake blogger who made their life up, of who she has had some experience. I lost some percentage because she had not seen a photo of me. She has now, although she is politely doubtful about my earlier claim that I resemble her lust object, Julian McMahon.

No, I am pretty much real. I may well have used dramatic license at times, but not much and not often.

Thanks for reading me. Appreciate it.


  1. I'm only sorry that I have missed about 7 years of your blog. Thanks for writing.

  2. Why would a normal (not psychotic) person create a fake blogger's image with made-up life events? Since blogging is largely in the virtual world and noone knows if the blog is true or not, so why would a blogger bother lying? Who would be impressed if he said he was richer than he was or more well built than he was?

  3. First of all Andrew, I doubt that you would ever run out of "things to say, or photos to show".
    Julian MacMahon eh???? He, the result of "she" of the slit white dress at the White House (with Richard Nixon salvinating and his wife, Patrica, looking daggers) and big ears, Billy.
    Wow, didn't that photo create some interest around the World?? I doubt if too many people can remember what the actual White House staircase looked like for that reception!!
    I believe that dress is now in some museum in either Old Parliament House or the New One for public viewing.
    I must have a look at it when I visit CBR for an up-coming reunion. Lustful thoughts, ha ha.
    I wonder what the gardener of the palatial home of the MacMahons at Bellevue Hill looked like????
    Now I am sure that the "fires of hell" await me.

  4. Hello Andrew:
    Eight years, with an average of 1.65 posts a day, is quite some undertaking. You must surely represent one of very few bloggers who has been posting continuously over such a period of time. In seventeen months we are only on our 70th. post and cannot really project ourselves much beyond next week.

    We offer you our heartfelt congratulations on this anniversary!!

  5. Wow that is a long time blogging. It is a bit addictive and time wasting but I regard it as an extension of journal writing. I rather the slower pace of 1.65 posts per week rather than per day. Too much other stuff to do in between.

  6. Happy Blogoversary!! I love your posts and I hope we can catch up in the future :)

  7. One of these days, I'll go back to your beginnings and read my way forward.
    Eight years!
    That's a lot of words! And photos.
    I've only been blogging a little over two years, and have now slowed down from a daily post to two or three per week.

  8. Congratulations on your 8th anniversary (you don't look a day over 7!)
    I've enjoyed reading your thoughtful musings for over five years now. Thanks for sharing your research and observations on public transport, Melbourne landmarks, etc.

  9. FC, get backreading then. :-P

    Hels, it was quite an elaborate deception. Eventually Dina worked it out. I can imagine why someone might invent a seemingly interesting life, but real life is so interesting.

    Colin, a funny thing I just recently heard was that Billy Mac was told he had to go against his natural inclinations and get married if he wanted to succeed in politics. I'd be interested to know which house he lived in when he lived in Bellevue Hill.

    Thank you JayLa. I think quality over quantity is to me admired, but it is just not me.

    Diane, addictive yes but I never consider it time wasting, time consuming perhaps. As I said above, I do admire quality over quantity, but bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. You do have to live a life though, else you don't have anything much to write about.

    Thanks Fen. I hope we meet too.

    River, I tried that with a long time blogger once. I think I missed two crucial years and never got back to it. I missed the time when he and his wife separated. The thing about it is, you can do it as often or as little as you like. Especially once you are established. Btw, where is the goof off in Geneva?

    Altissima, it is my disappointment that you stopped blogging when I came to know you. Some of my musings have been thoughtful, but most are rattled off at speed.

  10. I can't even begin to tell you how mega impressed I am Andrew. Eight years..HUGE congratulations, well done, I know that for myself personally you have made me laugh out loud many times, reading your 1.65 daily musings has been tres enjoyable, keep at it mon ami, catch your words of wisdom (???) tomorrow.

  11. Was it 90%?

    I thought it was higher than that.

    Despite your lack of seemed like a very realistic person. I think that's what I had said.

    I'm not a big fan of the over-the-top dramatic blogs...whether they're real or fake.

    Congrats on keeping your lovely blog running for 8 years. I hope you continue with it for many many more years.

    Looking at your photo....I might lust over you more than McMahon. But I'll try not too.

  12. Congratulations on the anniversary and I am pleased that I am one of those readers that has met you in person and knows that you do really exist.

  13. Colin7:56 am

    Andrew. The MacMahon home I believe is no more.
    Subdivision took place. Quite a messy court case.

    The best I recall of Billy was when he was appointed Minister for Primary Industries.
    The Labour fireball, Eddie Ward, got up in Parliament and announced that the only thing that Billy would now in Primary Industry was that his pet canary needed feeding - ha ha!

  14. Thanks Grace. Pleased that I can amuse at times.

    Dina, I can't remember...dramatic licence remember. Thanks.

    Victor, I hope I wasn't too different to my online guise.

    Good anecdote Colin.

  15. Where is the goof off in Geneva?
    Good question.....probably goofing off somewhere, or working super hard.

  16. Happy belated blogoversary!! Makes a measly 2.5 years look pathetic - although I did wonder when I'd run out of things to say too. I think the more you blog, the more you notice, or perhaps the quality of noticing is greater. SO there's always something new to blog about.

    I'm so glad you're still blogging at that amazing rate - here's to another 8 years!!

  17. Red, it becomes a little compulsive. I now take photos because I think they will be interesting to blog about. Cheers.