Sunday, September 16, 2012

Does the face match the voice?

ABC broadcaster Red Symons created a brief musical piece with the lyrics, It's on again, Dan Lonergan. It's quite a catchy little tune. I just adore sports broadcaster Dan's broad Aussie accent, his a little bit raspy voice and its tone, and the slightly lazy laconicness (yes, I know that is is a double).  I won't disappoint myself by hearing him calling football. I may have fallen in love with a voice but at least I knew what he looked like.

I am not sure that Emily Dean from Absolute Radio makes me feel at all lustful, but I certainly like her voice. If I was seeking a fag hag, she would be high on my list. While I may sing the praises of our ABC, UK's BBC, Canada's CBC and US PBS, I will also give a huge plug to the commercial Absolute Radio in the UK and especially the Frank Skinner show, where Emily is a weekly guest. She has a brilliant rapier wit and uses her voice to great comedic effect. He proper job is fashioning editor of  a fashion magazine. I had been listening to her for a long time before I checked to see what she looked like and guess what? She was as far from my mental image of her as I could imagine. Instead of a round faced blonde, I found she was dark haired and sharp featured.

But then I went further. I You Tubed her and I am sorry I did because seeing her speaking just does not match me hearing her speaking. Go to about 5 minutes and 50 seconds. Warning, if you are of a delicate nature, she is talking about The Oscars red carpet.

This is how I much prefer Emily Dean, as she and her co-hosts talk about Scratching Fanny.

Whetted your appetite? Here she is again talking about an offer from the sexiest man in Kent. You can download the podcasts from Absolute Radio and you can choose your decade of music to listen to from the 60s to the 00s.


  1. I listen to a lot of ABC and BBC radio, and never know what people look like.

    The worst insult a person to give an actor, commentator, sports star or news reader used to be "you have a perfect face (and figure) for radio".

  2. That should be.....a person could give.....

  3. hahahahahaha you've put a reasonable pic of Dan, poor chap definitely has a face for radio.

    I forget the name of the lass I like, or her voice....

    Aah yes, Eleanor Hall. She has an almost sexy huskiness to her voice. There are a lot of Brits I like.

  4. Hels, I am gay and shallow, as gay people must be. I need to find out quickly what a voice looks like. Btw, I have a great face for radio.

    Fen, how perceptive of you to say that I put up a reasonable photo of Dan. I think he was a bit younger, or maybe a lot, in the photo. He is hardly a cute young bloke. But to have him whispering sweet nothings as he nuzzled one's ear..... Works for me.

    I know what you mean about Eleanor. I like her voice, but is she English? Must listen again to you voice post. I liked the way you spoke.

  5. No Eleanor is Australian. I can't readily think of any Brits that I like, but there are plenty. Oh how about um, Marcus Padley, I like his voice and just today googled his pic and his face doesn't match his voice at all!! I love Trevor Chappell in the middle of the night/morning, he's always got a really happy sounding tone to his voice.

  6. Fen, I've seen Marcus on tv and I thought he very much matched his voice. He is interesting because of his frankness. I am not so keen on Chappell.

  7. ooh another one for you, she's a reporter on AM/PM/World Today. Barbara Miller. She has an ever so lovely accent. But her face is wrong (no match!)

  8. I can remember her name and she looks ok. I will have to hear her again.

  9. That would have to be the worst photo you could have found of Dan Lonergan. There are so many more better ones that you could have chosen. He is not a bad looking chap especially in real life.

    1. Jody, I adore Dan, and yes it wasn't a great photo. What a voice he has and how clever is he! Email me a good photo of him I might write about him again. Nothing too hot, but a bit hot would be good.