Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coffee Hopping Pt 2

Our last coffee stop was at St Ali's in South Melbourne. Some punters are just leaving.

This sign is all there is to identify its frontage.

I do like the orderly rows of pots on this nearby medium rise apartment block.

This is the menu. There seems to be a boxing connection. I would guess the a former use of the building was as a boxing gymnasium.

I grabbed the short black all for myself.

More boxing memorabilia.

It was another place I just never knew existed, hidden away down a lane. It was buzzing with atmosphere and people. The service was good enough.

The coffee bean roaster.

A nearby Indian restaurant. I tried three times to take photos, but they came out looking like the glass was wet when it wasn't. Perhaps my lens was. No, because a few minutes later I took the ones below.

It is a very colourful street.

I'm afraid I made some naughty hand movements at the figure on the left. Manny was very amused.

It was too late to visit this cafe, which I think also had three stars. Dead Man Espresso is an intriguing name.

Dimattina Coffee, a wholesale supplier which has a large market share in Perth, so Manny informed us.

The nearby Star Hotel, once a gay venue in the eighties where we spent quite a number of nights.


  1. I was introduced to St Ali by a Norwegian only last year. The breakfasts are amazing.

  2. Ad Rad, we do plan to revisit and have food.

  3. Oohh I love Melbourne's coffee society. You can find wonderful coffee and food in the city and in all the inner suburbs.

    My only question concerns utilising old factories, storage buildings, boxing training rings etc. Can the new owners preserve the original architecture and still make the coffee shop look attractive?

  4. Haha, in order to stop my imagination running wild, you'll just have to describe, or even video, your rude hand movements!!!

    Then again, maybe my imagination is correct?!?!

  5. They roast their own beans? I'm impressed.
    I like the street art.
    Perhaps the fish tank has an air bubbler? That would account for the spotty look of the photos.

  6. I've had lunch at St Ali's and it was lovely. Great cake. Must go back at some stage, though I am always in Sth Melbs by myself and I feel odd going all on my lonesome!

  7. Hels, I don't know. If such cafes can't make an old building attractive, they can make them look interesting.

    Red, always trust your imagination. It was a laugh.

    River, quite a few places do here, as I am sure they do in Adelaide.

    Fen, certainly weekends, someone on their own would look odd, but I see why not on weekdays.

  8. Well apparently Manny was right, I Googled and Dimattina coffee is big in Perth ..who knew!! there is a Dimattina Coffee Cafe in Osborn Park described as a 'hidden gem' with passionate baristas, will have to suss it out, thanks for the tip Manny!

  9. Passionate baristas? Sounds interesting.