Friday, August 03, 2012

How to frighten the kiddies #76

Sometimes one is inclined to ask why? The answer is often why not, as it surely must be for this work by Czech artist David Cerny.

Why Islington? Again, why not.


  1. That's Art???? It is a funny concept though,.

  2. Anonymous11:45 am

    I think it's cool! It's a bit like a transformer or something. I like!! V.

  3. Hi Andrew - In answer to your question why Islington? That's the London Business Design Centre you can see behind. I read that it is, at present, the digs of the Czech olympic team, but it has always been a place for displaying industrial design. The bus does press ups. Very clever and funny. I would love to have seen that as I was passing by on the top deck of a Number 30 bus.



  4. Diane, I have a theory that if something is supposed to be outdoor art, and it stops people in the street to look, then it has worked. Of course I know what you mean though.

    V, not unlike something Yoshitomo Nara would have conjured up.

  5. Thanks Pants. I wondered about the Czech building, but it didn't look like an embassy.

  6. Bizarre. So what do you call narcissists with gym memberships? Bizarre.

    Good heavens, my nephew is a body builder, he calls it fulfilment, I call it mental illness.

    Miz Panz! Hey, you old culture fiend, how ya making out wid all dem hicks? Funny place to wash up after years in London, you bet.

  7. RH, you may be relieved or surprised to know that I find body builders quite unattractive. There are no hicks in St Leonards. It is a posh area now.

    Fen, we should have a Melbourne tram doing the same.

  8. St Leonards? Where's that? Sydney? What are you talking about, Miz Panz lives near my sister, Mad Lynette, who lives in Bairnsdale. Mad Lynette owns five houses there, all furnished from the local tip. She herself lives in a two-car metal garage on 150 acres. She sits there, stares at you, arms folded. And she laughs: hee hee hee hee hee.
    I could tell you my whole family, I'm the only one who isn't nuts.
    You said Miz Panz closed her comments because of me. You're wrong, she closed them because no one would publish her book 'The Way of the Pear'. And a bloody good yarn it is too! Ripping!
    Well I'll tell you what, posterity will vindicate her; The Way of the (fucking) Pear will sell like heroin, she'll be an artist! Oh my goodness!!! With a page in the (fucking) Mitchell Library.